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Shut up hippie.

Nov 20 snacktruck commented on Let the Good Times Roll: The Cars at Seattle Art Museum Are Coming Down At Last.
NIGHTMARE over indeed...I too hate these and the poor installation SAM gave them. Potentially they would be better if space like MASS MoCA was to be ours however, goodbye to an eyesore. Oh, and speaking of MASS MoCA, that is one outstanding museum!
Nov 5 snacktruck commented on Watch the Donald Trump SNL Promos; Also, Poor Cecily Strong.
Lorne Michaels is the problem - ok, Trump too. Back to Michaels, here's the same guy who put Miley Cirus as the host and musical performer on the season opener this year...fired Sarah Silverman and Julia Louis-Dreyfus among countless others far more talented than that of past/current cast members.

The Donald can act quite well so this all seems to be suited quite well for him.
Oct 30 snacktruck commented on Mac DeMarco's "Salad Days" Kontroversy.
I am ok with the Stony Pony DeMarco albeit I agree that he's borrowed quite a bit from many...which is no shock. On the same subject, I always thought "Flagpole Sitta" sounded a lot like Blur's "Parklife" which came 3 years earlier
Oct 20 snacktruck commented on What's Very Wrong with "How Not to Be a Restaurant Racist".
Racist? huh. Wait, don't stereotypes save time?!

@25, I agree with your assessment and your comparing Tamarind Tree to Sichuanese Cuisine is spot on. TT is pretty and nice and fancier whereas SC is a dump. A delicious, affordable dump that rarely disappoints.
Oct 13 snacktruck commented on Whoa, Conde Nast Bought Pitchfork!.
Wow. Did Pitchfork write a four paragraph review on the purchase? Yawn.
Oct 13 snacktruck commented on Show Us Your Fridge, Linda Derschang.
I just read an article about Linda being one of those few that own so many restaurants in Seattle. Oh wait, she wasn't on that have a good food writer Stranger!! Please stop doing free advertising for your pals with articles like this.
Sep 24 snacktruck commented on Advice for When You're 18-ish.
A kid has a Mohawk and doesn't know who the Ramones are...and his eyebrows are just awful. What hath god wrought? Great stuff here - it reminded me of days gone by when Ellen Forney would be part of the back to school issues and the Stranger. Alas.
Sep 11 snacktruck commented on Beyond “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’”—Lee Hazlewood’s 10 Best Songs.
"In Our Time" is my fave...thanks for having this on what can be a deeper list of many songs!! I love Lee.
Sep 8 snacktruck commented on Flying Lotus and Melvins Dominated Bumbershoot.
Your proclamation of the Melvins being one of the best bands ever is about 15-20 years late. It sounds as though it took the double drummers to push you over. Bumbershoot was a bit of a mess this year on every angle.
Aug 28 snacktruck commented on I Can't Deal With "Downtown" Either, but Can We Talk About Macklemore with a Bit of Nuance?.
Nickelbacklemore strikes again!! This video really makes Spokane look awesome, I think many of us will now move there. He made one thing clear, by hanging with the oldest of old school, he legitimizes his rap game...right?! I really cannot deal with the slam poetry style flow he has. AND yes, I am sure he's a great guy, I really do not doubt that. Great to see Jr. Griffey!!