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3:46 PM yesterday TheRain commented on Survey Reveals Men's Rights Activists Are Almost Entirely White, 17 to 20 Years Old.
" The reason women outnumber men in college across the board is due to the fact that women are applying in greater numbers and are more *qualified* for admittance."

If that's true, then why is it that way?
Mar 27 TheRain commented on The Town of Oso Is Coping with Unimaginable Loss and Understandably Unwanted Attention.
Apart from the mudslide, I tend to believe that everything else in this post was made up.
Feb 28 TheRain commented on Chatterbox: The Internet Is Spreading Gossip About a New Matrix Trilogy.
@3 FTW. The CEO of Image Comics saying that people should be buying more Image Comics isn't exactly profound.
Feb 27 TheRain commented on Olympia Should Reject Federal Mandate on Teacher Evaluations.
"a) Teachers already teach to the test. What planet are you on? That ship has sailed."

It's not really possible to say that with certainty, though, since we've changed to the Common Core assessments and the Smarter Balanced Testing. I don't have a curriculum aligned to Common Core, nor do I have any evidence to go on that the testing is going to match the standards since we've never given this test before.

"b) I used to be against including student test performance in teacher reviews/compensation, but then my kid went to public school and I saw first hand what nonsense goes on, and now I think student performance MUST be included in SOME way in teacher evaluations and compensation. Something possibly fairer than class-by-class performance might be cohort-by-cohort performance or even school-wide performance for all teachers at a given school."

Those tests will miss the following teachers: pre-school, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, PE, music, art, health, social studies, shop, ag, all the instructional coaches, SLPs, PTs, and most of the other specializations. What you'll be doing is taking a big, steaming dump on 4th grade teachers and math instructors.

The other aspect of that is that it would be just stupid to figure in reading scores to the evaluation of a PE teacher. Not that OSPI hasn't floated that idea, but it doesn't make it any less foolish.

"c) Principals make staffing decisions, so school-wide student test scores should be included overtly in any principal's compensation package. The principal is deciding who is teaching and who is teaching what"

This statement has no basis in reality.

Feb 24 TheRain commented on What Do You Think of the Silicon Valley Trailer?.
"Television works best when it's immediate, when it's part of a conversation. HBO apparently doesn't understand that."

This is Mudede-level stupid.
Jan 22 TheRain commented on Hagopian to Run for SEA President.
John Knapp is good people, but this could be a hard race for him to win.
Nov 22, 2013 TheRain commented on Rob McKenna, Coal Shill.
"Rob isnt a politician anymore"

He sent out a fundraising email for Jan Angel, he's set up a website to talk about issues, he's pimping Marilyn out anywhere and everywhere he can. If the dude's not running in 2016, then he's wasting a lot of time and energy, and making Randy Pepple look like a fucking moron.
Oct 19, 2013 TheRain commented on More Facts Show Pro-Murray Ads Are Deceiving Voters by Using Battered Women.
It's clear: Mike McGinn is personally beating the women of Seattle with his own two fists.
Oct 8, 2013 TheRain commented on The Bloodthirstiest Counties in America.
I applaud those counties that haven't lost their nerve.

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