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Apr 4 mitten commented on Anita Will Quietly Piss You Off.
Anita is one of my top three heroes and I'll despise Clarence Thomas until I die. I watched the verdict in a bar when I was 19 and all the guys cheered while I fought back tears over a lump in my throat. I remember a guy looking at me and going, "HA!"

So make no mistake: This wasn't a "normal" decision reflective of "the olden days." It was a travesty and every woman I knew felt as I did: that this was the beginning of a backlash against women's rights. I'll never, ever forget that moment the verdict was read. Fucking awful.

But the silver lining is that Anita lost, but women, in many ways, won. Sexual harassment complaints skyrocketed after the verdict and things honestly did seem to change in the workplace. I used to endure some seriously f-ed-up, Mad Men–type shit from pervy bosses and all that crap really did seem to end when that verdict was read. I owe Anita Hill a lot. All women do.
Apr 4 mitten commented on Piecora's Pizza to Close Forever on April 15.
This is dreadful news. I order about two Piecora pizzas a month, not because its the absolute best pizza ever created, but because they deliver to the CD (and its still very good pizza) and the service is awesome. And I can't name how many nights I spent back and forth from there, the Comet and Cafe Paradiso in the early 90s. A lot of good memories come out of that place.
Mar 28 mitten commented on My Experience With Purchasing Health Insurance on the Exchange, and Why You Should Go Sign Up Now Before it's Too Late.
It sounds like the best solution for people like Grant living with chronic illness, but I admit I still don't understand the great benefit of ACA. I was a bartender for 17 years and I rarely had $250 extra a month (and, to be perfectly honest, when I did have it I blew it on something nice, like a plane ticket to visit my family). I understand that $250/month is inexpensive for healthcare, but how is anyone supposed to pay that and invest/save and, you know, have a life.

I have insurance now because I'm married to someone who works for a corporation. But I'm a college instructor and make about the same as when I was a bartender—in the 1990s. There is no way I could afford ACA if I was single. My students have said the same: they resent that this is marketed toward young people yet they can't imagine having $250 extra a month.
Mar 21 mitten commented on In Film Court, Jury Finds Forrest Gump Not Guilty.
YES! Forrest Gump is a dreadful film, sexist and racist and pandering to the basest instincts. The grody treatment of Jenny alone had me walk out of the theater 3/4 of the way through the movie. I've since been forced to sit through it (more than once), and I still say it stinks stinks stinks!

Jenny would have voted guilty. I vote guilty.
Mar 19 mitten commented on SL Letter of the Day: Coming Clean.
I am SO using scrotum now. It reminds me of that Pussy is Tougher comedy bit from a couple years ago:…
Mar 18 mitten commented on I'm Triggered By Your Triggers.
Great post, Danielle.

@9 I teach history and about a third of my students are international students. I usually have one or two Japanese students and several Vietnamese, Chinese, and Middle Eastern students in every classroom. I do not give trigger warnings, but I am careful when discussing Hiroshima, My Lai, and any atrocity involving the U.S. and elsewhere, and I encourage voices from those countries directly effected by these events, even if they were born after the fact. Same with discussing Civil Rights and women's and gay liberation. As @6 said, it's tough shit to hear, but it must be discussed. I can't give nonstop trigger warnings in world history but I am empathetic to the wounded.
Mar 17 mitten commented on L'Wren Scott, Designer and Girlfriend of Mick Jagger, Found Dead in NYC.
Stay classy @1 and @2. Not all women kill themselves over a man or "embarrassment." Perhaps she suffered from actual depression. She was a talented and successful artist and a creative person in her own right.
Mar 11 mitten commented on Wine Not Wine.
Maybe the Stranger needs to bring back its blatantly crass "we love our advertisers" issue. It was funny, got all the church/state stuff out of the way, and we got to read about the Rad Dyke Plumber.

Marc is more than a wine shop owner; he's been stocking and serving strange and unconventional wine around town for freaking ages. Lots of reviewers of different things have stakes in what they review; it's the paper's job to make sure they stay impartial and use full disclosure when needed.
Mar 11 mitten commented on Dig Me Out: Songs to Get You Out of That Rut.
Getting outdoors, especially when its overcast or frizzing, and walking up over the hill to Lake Washington and back does wonders (and only takes about 90 minutes). Alder is a good route. Also: Public Enemy.
Mar 10 mitten commented on Ban Bossy? I Don't Think So. Be Bossier..
YES. Thank you! This so needed to be said: Just own your shit and letting men fucking deal with it!

Too many messages toward girls and women are about what we shouldn't do, what we should stop doing, what we are doing wrong. Fuck that.

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