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Feb 10 mitten commented on Jon Stewart Says He's Leaving The Daily Show.
What if he got Brian Williams' job doing "real" news?!?
Feb 8 mitten commented on Legendary Screenwriter and Seattle Film Mentor Stewart Stern Dead at 92.
A long time ago I cold-called Stewart when I learned he lived here and met with him on two occasions. He was incredibly generous, sharing his life story and so many wonderful bits of advice. Years later I took his writing class and he was just as sweet and giving as ever. I believe he told me Mary Pickford was an aunt, and he showed me a stack of letters she had written him. He lived a wonderful Hollywood life!
Jan 30 mitten commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Walking in Seattle While Black.
when I first read the story all I could think about was how that cop/bully stripped this man of his dignity through purposeful humiliation. This comic beautifully interprets that.
Jan 30 mitten commented on The Bertha Rescue Operation Has Finally Hit Bottom.
Oh for gods sake. Just bury her and move on to plan B.
Jan 30 mitten commented on Seahawks Sugar Cookies.
I'm making blue Jell-O shots. Because blue alcohol is appetizing on ironically festive occasions.
Jan 28 mitten commented on Watch Seattle Police Pepper Spray Teacher Jesse Hagopian on MLK Day.
@6 - agreed. That cop was having a total meltdown. You have to wonder what her background is that triggered that insane behavior.

Jan 28 mitten commented on Video: Seattle Police Jail Elderly Military Veteran for "Walking in Seattle While Black".
The fact that she has not been disciplined is shameful and disgraceful. That cop sounds like a complete piece of shit.
Jan 27 mitten commented on I, Anonymous.
@4 gold star! that made my day :)
Jan 22 mitten commented on Central Co-op Grocery Store Raises Entry-Level Wage to $15 Per Hour, Seven Years Ahead of Schedule.
Central Co-op is awesome. I feel so lucky to have it in my neighborhood.
Jan 14 mitten commented on We Asked 12 People at a Runway Show at Macy's: How Would You Describe Seattle's Fashion Scene?.
"It's still so new" She may be surprised to know that Seattle houses the 4th largest fashion industry in the country, behind NYC, LA, and SF. This town innovated a number of active wear technologies and was a leader in sportswear in the 70s and 80s. People forget how instrumental this town is to the fashion industry, not to mention the ongoing influence of anti-fashion grunge. Our fashion scene may not look like NYC but it dates back a long way!

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