Yeah, it's a copy of that.

9:32 AM mitten commented on SL Letter of the Day: Nobody Expects the Nice Girl Inquisition!.
@21- thank you! It's a creepy request. Gay men aren't cute toys for straight women. (Just as minorities aren't "exotic," etc.)
Nov 11 mitten commented on The Gayest House in Seattle Is for Sale.
$775,000 is a steal! Victorian houses the same size in shittier (looking) shape in the Central District sell for that much. They must be hoping for a bidding war. I wish I had that kind of dough (or any kind of dough...)
Nov 9 mitten commented on I, Anonymous.
@36 You're the moron: How are we supposed to know the difference between a heart attack, a diabetic, or a blacked-out alcoholic if the person is passed out cold?

IAnon is an asshole. Better to err on the side of compassion and care and call 911. If a passed-out person is not responding to me, I will always defer to professionals and call for help.
Nov 6 mitten commented on A Thought on the Pedestrian Crossing Button.
There's nothing more humbling than an intelligent human being standing at a crosswalk, watching the light turn green while the crosswalk remains red, and realizing that all of the strangers surrounding you assumed the other had pressed the button.

So now I press the button no matter how many people are at the corner. I press it repeatedly, knowing full well that only one push will do the trick. I do this in elevators, too.

Humans are humans are humans. It doesn't matter what color they are.
Nov 4 mitten commented on The Bowler Hat Is the New Fedora.
Sorry, Paul. This post demonstrates you know nothing about fashion, fashion theory, or fashion themes.

Gentleman (as well as brogrammers), keep wearing hats as you see fit.
Nov 3 mitten commented on The Saddest Video Ever Made About Sewer Clogs.
I flushed tampons for 30(!) years until my building's sewage pipe became clogged with hair and tampons. It. was. disgusting. Tampons should never be flushed.
Oct 31 mitten commented on Mayor Ed Murray Shouts at Me About Gender Pay Equity, Calling My Reporting "Wrong" and "Unfair".
The most disturbing part of this is that the mayor—the mayor!—of Seattle takes time from his day to read the Stranger and then actually CALLS the Stranger to complain. Grow a thicker skin, buck the fuck up, and get back to work you big fucking baby. This isn't some bumfuck backwater where there's nothing to do all day. Jesus christ what a baby.
Oct 22 mitten commented on Mark Driscoll Needs a New Christian Rock Band.
The lyrics starting at 1:43 are, um, interesting.
Oct 17 mitten commented on This Month in Bike Lane Blockages: Delivery Trucks, Armored Trucks, and Bollards.
@51 I'd prefer you didn't, but it happens: People do parallel park in front of my place from time to time. Hell, I do it because I can't always carry shit from wherever I have to park my car to my front door. I try to live a life where I never, ever inconvenience others, but there are hundred of thousands of people cohabitating this city and life isn't perfect.

I've lived on the Hill and ridden my bike as a primary source of transportation in this city for 22 years now. I've had to stop and wait and bike around trucks parked in bike lanes a very, very, very small percentage of those 22 years of rides. Like, less than 1% of rides. There are more important issues for cyclists to fight.

@Seattleblues - don't fight my battles for me. Please.
Oct 17 mitten commented on This Month in Bike Lane Blockages: Delivery Trucks, Armored Trucks, and Bollards.
I cycle-commute every day and the occasional blocked lane is not something to fight for. This is a city. We are crammed in here together and have to make concessions all the time. That's just part of living in a community. Trucks block bike lanes (and car lanes) for a few minutes, sometimes for just seconds (like UPS trucks). Cyclists can brake and wait, for god's sake, and go around when it is safe, just like cars have to do all the time.

I'm grateful for bike lanes—but they are part of public streets and are subject to disruptions and inconveniences just like ALL lanes. It's true there is a lack of respect for cyclists from noncyclists. But, come on. Demanding that no delivery trucks ever block bike lanes just sounds seriously entitled.

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