It's not very popular.

Jul 14 mitten commented on Who Is This Artist?.
yep these are from Pipsqueak and they hang all over Squire Park, especially around Washington Hall and the Juvenile Detention Center. Really great stuff.
Jun 24 mitten commented on What Every Menstruating Woman Should Know.
Commercial tampons ARE really bad for you, filled with bleach and other synthetics. Central Coop has natural cotton tampons for those (like me) who cannot do the cup thing.
Jun 24 mitten commented on Marquee Moan: A Brief Speculation About the Guy Who Yelled Out "Fix the Sound" at the Television Show Last Night.
seriously? I've been going to shows and concerts since 1981 and yelling inane, useless comments at the band--in stadiums, in clubs, in theaters--is par for the course.
Jun 23 mitten commented on To the Sad Owner of a Capitol Hill Townhouse.
@27 "Most people had no idea" Pu-leeze. This is a presumably educated grown woman who worked in Bellevue real estate for 10 years. She knew full well that her new neighborhood would grow—she just doesn't like how it's growing!

What I don't understand is why she thinks she has to buy a second car? Shouldn't they be downsizing?
Jun 19 mitten commented on The Night Two White Teenagers Set My Father's Black Church on Fire.
Absolutely tragic. I'm completely overcome by this ongoing hatred for our neighbors, our fellow Americans. It just shatters me. So I can't imagine what black people must be feeling. Is it really just more of the same, or will there be a breaking point?
Jun 17 mitten commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Family From Hell.
YES! Everything Dan said. Your fiancee is your family now. Focus your energy on making your current family happy. Don't bend over backwards to make your previous family happy. If they don't love you for who you are it is not love.

You sound like an open-hearted, wonderful and kind person. I'm so sorry your shitty family doesn't accept you for the beautiful spirit that you are. I'm glad you found your love and yourself in Seattle.
Jun 16 mitten commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Opposite of a Sympathy Card.
@33 nailed it, spot on. Use her ugliness as an opportunity for creating something beautiful and true.

MIA, I'm so sorry for your loss and wish you peace and happiness. Be kind to yourself during this time.
Jun 12 mitten commented on Major Faculty Changes at UW School of Art Signal a "Ridiculous and Exciting" Future.
Unfortunately the motherly/cheerleading comments really detract from anything ambitious, fresh or exciting about this news. It's terribly demeaning and alienating. A shame, but just more par for the course from where I sit.

Things change, and everything stays the fucking same.
Jun 11 mitten commented on Edge of the Circle Books Is Searching for a New Space After Getting the Boot.
That really sucks. Is there ANY weird left on Capitol Hill? I shudder to think of the banality that will inevitably replace this store. Anyway, condolences. It was a unique, cool shop.
Jun 9 mitten commented on Yeah, Sure, The Stranger's Offices Have Mice, But at Least We Don't Have "Large Rats" Like the State Department Has.
I've spotted rats all over Seattle this spring, including on the Madrona beach in broad daylight among the sunbathers and, ahem, around my own home. The exterminator says that there are more rats around town because of the construction boom. (He said I didn't even want to know what the Bertha tunnel is unearthing.) Long story short, every time a building goes down or an empty lot is cleared for construction, the rats (and bugs) need to find somewhere else to go. I'm really peeved about my new roommates. Contractors should have to set lures and traps when they demolish a building—not just let their mess run to the neighbor's house.

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