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Aug 11, 2014 Donkey Face commented on Christian Mingle: The Movie.
Girl shows up to a picnic in the park wearing robe and sandals.
Guy smiles charmingly, "Usually people wear denim to a picnic."
Record Scratch
Jun 25, 2014 Donkey Face commented on Morning News: The Trans Issue Is Out! Also Stuff About $15, Sports News, Science News, and the Kind of Assholes Who Ban Cake.
Kids can have fun without cake. Sugar is the first drug one becomes addicted to in the life of a habituate. It is an unnecessary excess that we allow to poison our children out of a habit born of ignorance that became codified in the culture before we knew better.
Seen from a far, seen from outside of the culture (imagine you're an alien), it might seem a cruelty we perpetrate on our children and on ourselves.
Feb 6, 2014 Donkey Face commented on Toddler Shoots Baby.
This is horrible, but I think calling the victim a baby and the shooter a toddler is a bit sensationalist. The shooter was 3. Three year-olds ain't toddling anymore. The victim was 17months- likely could walk.
A better headline would be Young Child Shoots Toddler.
Nov 19, 2013 Donkey Face commented on "Maybe 'Consecrate' Was Big Then".
It's part of the new Ken Burns documentary in the making about the Gettysburg Address. There's a whole website devoted to folk reading the address.
Jul 26, 2013 Donkey Face commented on Russian Vodka Boycott Strategies: "Sorry, We're Out of Stoli.".
@10- Right on. Hangovers happen regardless, but their character is different- more subtle- a subterfuge, with a quality vodka. Something Chicago Fans' patrons appreciated. Thus, the promotion of Svedka. Cheapish and soft on the mind in the morning.
Jul 26, 2013 Donkey Face commented on "A Sexy Surprise For Adult Vegans".
I'm going to give you 10 nice big long licks.
Jul 26, 2013 Donkey Face commented on Russian Vodka Boycott Strategies: "Sorry, We're Out of Stoli.".
Any high-quality vodka will leave you without the traditional hang-over. A good low-cost high quality vodka your patrons might enjoy as a replacement for Stoli is Svedka. As far as I know, Sweden is not attacking homosexuals.
Jun 11, 2013 Donkey Face commented on Dan Harmon Is Returning to Community: What Do You Think?.
Season four was fine, but just fine. It wasn't something I'd recommend to someone. It lacked the multi-leveled potency of the earlier seasons. It was edible, but not amazing food.

@11 Yes, and it's not for everybody.

I look forward to the return of the truest repairman. Please.
May 31, 2013 Donkey Face commented on If You've Been Waiting for a Chart Explaining the Arrested Development Season 4 Timeline....
Just finished Season Four last night and I don't think it can be evaluated yet. The whole season seems like a set-up for what's to come. The intricate step-by-step unveiling of smaller mysteries ends with a bigger mystery- what happened to Lucille Austero. Season Four was the start of a comedy-mystery and a larger whodunit is to come. The focus episodic focus on each of the characters (all of who end up at Cinco de Quatro- the scene of the crime) is going to make even more sense when the viewer is invited to follow along an unravel what happened to Lucille and why.

Feb 19, 2013 Donkey Face commented on Morning News: Diamond Heists, Scheming China, and 3-D Yodas.
My wife makes reborns. She doesn't throw them showers or anything, but she does spend a lot of time talking about how cute they are.