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sheiler is jealous of the Stranger's social media manager.
Jul 28 sheiler commented on Last Night at the DNC: Live-Slogging Hillary Clinton's Speech.
does anyone have a link back to politico to get that chart on the lying liars?
Mar 13 sheiler commented on Noam Chomsky Tells It Like It Is in Requiem for the American Dream .
What are these mistakes he's made?
Mar 6 sheiler commented on People Even in Seattle Are Still Saying Owning an SUV is the Same As Owning a Dog.
Golly. I spent years thinking Charles hated dogs. Now he's defending them. Having a dog is how I learned French, living in a francophone town. You would not believe how useful it is knowing how to use 'castrate' in general conversations.
Jan 26 sheiler commented on My Neighbor Is a News Junkie So I Thought He'd Love Getting a Print Copy of Seattle Times and New York Times.
I read more inside a real newspaper, you know cover to cover, than I do online, though of course it is easier using an ipad. I used to deliver papers, too. Back when there was an evening paper as well as a morning paper.
Jan 21 sheiler commented on New Bernie Sanders Ad.
@5, Really nice.
Jan 21 sheiler commented on New Bernie Sanders Ad.
Wow. A great ad and perfect use of Simon & Garfunkel. Nostalgic without being corny. That's a tough thing to pull off.

Bernie said his musical taste ran to the classics including Abba. Trump is quoted as saying, "Fuck Abba." Should be interesting just from a musical POV if both of them are the nominees for their parties.
Dec 16, 2015 sheiler commented on Liveslogging the 142nd Republican Debate!.
Your wish is my command. I made up a word cloud of most of the candidates from last night's debate. Check it out here: Republican word cloud.
Apr 24, 2015 sheiler commented on I Sat In on My Son’s Sex-Ed Class, and I Was Shocked by What I Heard.
I went to catholic schools and learned much more in sex ed than your kid in public school, and this was before AIDS.
Apr 13, 2015 sheiler commented on And Now a Note from Our Social Media Manager.
yes, what is up with the stranger's new layout? I miss all of the art from the ads.
Mar 3, 2015 sheiler commented on Jimmy Kimmel's Awesome Vaccine PSA.
@17 you might be right but now there's a pile on (not saying it's unwarranted) and it seems that anti-vaxxers are digging in.