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Sparkly darkly truantish on a cold night. Passed out on candy in the swelter.


  • What song or movie makes you cry?: stories involving old people getting abused/neglected
  • Dan Savage or Charles Mudede
  • What book have you read the most?: The Golden Notebook
  • Too many teeth or No teeth at all
  • Pot or Coke

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sheiler is eating eating semi-sweet chocolate chips to prevent her from going whole hog with milk chocolate.
Apr 8 sheiler updated his or her bio.
Apr 8 sheiler commented on Bryan Ferry's Glitzy History Lesson at McCaw Hall.
Slave to Love was the ONLY thing he covered from Boys and Girls? I feel oddly ripped off at this news as though I were actually at the concert or something. Good review.
Apr 2 sheiler commented on Remove Your Studded Tires, People.
I also live on a steep hill in the mountains in Quebec province. Think of an 8 in terms of steep-i-tude on a treadmill. That's the hill I live on (actually there are 2 of them to get to my maison). As for snow, it snowed a foot a couple days ago in probably 5 hours. Which is typical.

Michelin X-ice does the trick. Also I've never seen studded tires for sale anywhere in the province so I'm guessing that socialist Quebec bans them. Also fyi if anyone tries to sell you Hankook tires, run away.
Apr 2 sheiler commented on In Culture News: Rushdie Photographs His Favorite Subject, Electric Wonderland, and a New Furnace.
I too don't get the Selfie Movement. I used to throw away film by taking (mostly) blurred selfies of me. Ratio was 1/2 for every roll. This was in the 1980s back when I cared.
Mar 26 sheiler commented on Uganda Assumes the Missionary Position.
Holy moly this article kicked some serious ass.
Feb 15 sheiler commented on The Capitalist Democracy: The More Money You Make, The More Votes You Get.
Ireland used to allow an extra vote to business owners. Wasn't all that long ago either when they stopped. The corporations are people too is a meme that wasn't borne with Mitt Romney.
Feb 7 sheiler commented on William S. Burroughs Would've Been 100 Today.
In the book "When I Was Cool" Burroughs is reported to have yelled out in a vegetarian cafe in Boulder: "Eating sprouts is like going down on a robot." That's my favorite line of all time. I don't think I could ever get through anything by Burroughs. And going to Naropa - where all of his pals romped around - made me glean more from the folklore than his actual work.

Hell, Ken Kesey was completely washed up by the time I got there.
Dec 15, 2013 sheiler commented on His Kampf.
Now I'm really curious and must read it. One of my favorite authors loved the Moz bio. Check out Adrian McKinty.
Dec 13, 2013 sheiler commented on Krule Fall.
wow. That was a nice trip to take.
Dec 6, 2013 sheiler commented on My Beef* With Jay Z and Beyonce's Vegan Adventure.
Big Dog Clinton is vegan and his voice is just shitty. I don't know if that's from his diet or what but compared to Carter or even Noam Chomsky, two old guys who need to talk a lot and who are not vegan, Clinton sounds much older and crappier.

This anecdote served to you on a platter of pickled Milky Ways with generous heapings of multicolored jimmies.


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