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May 5 carsten coolage commented on A Talk With Cary Moon, Jerry Garcia, and Others at Hedreen Gallery Tonight.
seattles current art/cultural scene is so fucking embarrassing. its like a pier1 imports aesthetic; trying so fucking to hard appear "globally conscious". completely disconnected from the dirt your standing on. God help us
May 4 carsten coolage commented on Bernie Sanders on This Week: Don't Underestimate Me.
break the US into 5 bioregions; then we can have our scandinavia. your other option is to continue the slow trudge into the gray goo of globalism.
Apr 28 carsten coolage commented on The Staff of The Stranger Argues About Restaurants Going Tipless.
everything u heroes do just contributes to the creative class working more for less. Ride share companies were a decent option for "off the grid" income until u mobster scumbags cracked down and turned it into another regular full-time "occupation".
Feb 21 carsten coolage commented on Rudy Giuliani's Racist Anti-Obama Comments Are a Desperate (and Successful) Plea for Attention.
Jesus u guys are fucking dumb. By giulianis metric rand Paul and Ted Cruz are far more "anti-American" than Obama. Paul is about to announce his front-runner candidacy and Giuliani HATES that. He's breaking the ice for the take down of no-bullshit secessionists who think we brought 911 on ourselves. now I'm wondering if u retards have completely missed the whole snowden as secret weapon angle as well. I guarantee that Giuliani and his ilk would rather have 50 yrs of clintons in office than 5 min of the Paul's.
Nov 19, 2014 carsten coolage commented on Seattle Police Are Treating the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision Like May Day.
all of this shallow, bandwagon activism does nothing but contribute to the health of the state. So the results are basically: more cops, more laws, more centralization of power leading to unaccountability and corruption. everyone is hacking at branches.
Nov 8, 2014 carsten coolage commented on Unraveling a Mystery in Storage at the Seattle Art Museum.
I know it sounds like i just come on here to critique and be a dick but I love this place here deeply [pugetsoundbasin] and there aren't that many regional specific art writers. That disturbs me; that this is all there is. Debbie downer signing off.
Nov 8, 2014 carsten coolage commented on Unraveling a Mystery in Storage at the Seattle Art Museum.
this is what I like about random archaeological objects. Imagining the history of the person who makes those delicate glass vessels [roman?] in that one case at SAM [the objects are insanely hot by themselves BTW]. Or my first love in that museum: those little wear polished, hand carved african stools; where they pick out the perfect root/branch but dont really alter much. Truth is; I'm not very turned on by the description of this needlework [as an object] I just feel sorry for the victims of progress and civilization.
Nov 6, 2014 carsten coolage commented on Alison Holcomb Will Take on Mass Incarceration (Instead of Challenging Kshama Sawant).
I also forgot to congratulate you heroes for doing the heavy lifting re: indigenous peoples day. You guys realize that there are pretty much just as many indians here as there were when we showed up on Alki point, right? [If you count our indigenous friends visiting from south of the border than the numbers are far higher] So....Why aren't we all moving back to northern Europe? I'm serious. Oh yeah; your all frauds.

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