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Feb 10, 2016 sissoucat commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Using "Crazy" Like That Is So Gay, Dan, Really Lame.
As a person with a mental illness, I find being called 'crazy' an insult to my health condition.

For me, 'crazy' is a word that belongs entirely to the cuckoo persons out there, who are not suffering from any diagnosed and treated illness, other than generic egotism and entitlement, which are character flaws that can't be corrected by the medical field (as far as I know). They are crazy, I'm ill.

I bear no more responsability for having a mental illness, as long as I take my medicine as the doctor ordered, than someone ill with the flu.
Feb 2, 2016 sissoucat commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Crying Game.
This is so like my marriage, down to the fake suicide attempt. Except he just wanted to cheat, nothing kinky. Divorce and take full custody if you can. Manipulators' gonna manipulate, and the next people he's gonna manipulate into hating you are your own kids. Take my word for it.
Jan 10, 2016 sissoucat commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Life and Death.

I totally agree. Babymaking while still in the closet about who they actually are, is really the shitty move. I don't remember anybody I've known who pulled that move and who has not been, further down the road, even a shittier person. Women and men alike.
Jan 10, 2016 sissoucat commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Life and Death.
D : in any major crisis, I give myself and my relationships, if any, at least 3 months of living day to day before taking any decision. Then I re-examine everything and I listen to my feelings and to my mind, and if I'm sufficiently cooled off to know if I need deep change or none. It can take more than 3 months, it took 18 months for my divorce. I encourage you not to try to get pregnant until your inner turmoil has really settled.

My deepest condoleances on the passing of your child.

You might like to have some remembrance of your child later in your life, for example to show your future children, who will sense you tensing up on occasions and could mistakenly think they are responsible. Children feel their parents' sadness. So, keep anything you can in order to show it to them so that they know they have an older sibling who died, and who is remembered. Don't keep this a secret from your future children and friends, it's the healthiest thing to do.

My cousin lost a child at 9 months of pregnancy, came close to losing her own life, and didn't want to see him -- and then regretted it. Fortunately my aunt dressed him and took a picture, so my cousin has something left to remember him by.
Jan 10, 2016 sissoucat commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Old Friends, Old Wounds.

Good to know that you won't let your daughters be sexually abused by your pedophile father. You are a good parent.

I don't get from your comment whether you still have some sort of relationship with him. I'd advise against any, for your mind's sake and your daughters' safety sake. When a branch of the family tree is rotten, cut it clean, don't hang on trying to save it, you'll end up much healthier in the long run.

Besides, the fact that his first reaction was to tell you you dreamed it, is a huge red flag : that's someone who knows how to assault, and who knows how to walk out of being confronted, by manipulating the victim into believing she is the offender. He's already been confronted about that in the past, or he's worked out in his mind a tailored answer for when one of his victims comes confronting him. In other words : he knew all along what he did was wrong, but he did it anyway. He probably persuaded your aunt that she was the sibling with a polluted mind dirty enough to invent an assault from him, and that's what prevented your aunt from doing anything to prevent you from being assaulted. And : you're right in believing he's likely, or even eager, to reoffend on your own daughters.

This man should be publicly known as a sex offender, inside your family and outside of it. Sadly it will not be a path of roses for you to tell your family about it, you may find that some will turn their back to you, including your victimized aunt, and it will hurt. Cut off any kind of relationship with him or those who won't believe you. That will give you peace eventually. It did, for me.

@ 29 "forgive and move on"

Er, what ? Suppose someone you know torched your house at night, and you end up alive but defaced, with tons of surgery needed to make you look like a human being again, while your agressor walks out scott free because you're intimidated into 'nobody will ever believe me, it's too far into dirty', either by your agressor or by your own self -- that's the kind of advice you'd give ?

You do know that childhood or teenage sexual attacks committed by a trusted person are the worse things that can happen to someone's mind short of being murdered, do you ? Why should sex offenders/criminals get a pass when non-sex offenders/criminals don't ?

Jan 1, 2016 sissoucat commented on Happy New Year, Sloggers.
Happy, or happier, 2016 everybody !

I'm not posting much, I've got so many things to work on as for now, but I'm still reading and thinking of you all. I send you my best wishes for this new year !
Dec 24, 2015 sissoucat commented on Savage Love.
Merry Christmas everyone !
Nov 17, 2015 sissoucat commented on Why Putting the French Flag on the Space Needle Is Racist.
Putting the French flag anywhere this week is not racist. It's at best solidarity, at worse an attempt by Seattle politicians not to be seen to care less than politicians from other US cities.

Not putting the other flags up when their countries suffrered similar tragedies, now that is racist -- if the flags from predominently non-white countries really are ignored in favour of those of predominently white countries.

Maybe some Stranger's staffers could look into this issue, which is happening right in Seattle, and draw more conclusions than this trollish post based on faulty logic ?
Nov 17, 2015 sissoucat commented on Hey, Gun Grabbers! Let's Grab Steve King's Gun!.
Sad that American right-wingers will use any tragedy to yell "more guns ! more guns !".

No French people I know has even thought of having more guns around in civilian hands as something that would have prevented the massacre. Apart intelligence and arrest before the crimes, there is no way to thwart a terrorist act underways, but dedicated specialized cop units.

Let's speak of 9-11 : did your country having more guns per capita stop the attacks ? Let's speak of your daily mass murders, let's speak of your homegrown terrorists, let's speak of your children murdered in their schools.

If you find it distasteful that a foreigner uses 9/11 and SandyHook, years after those atrocities, to school you on the many failings of your ultraviolent gun-addicted society -- maybe you can grasp how distasteful your own comments on France's society and gun laws are, three days into our sorrow and mourning.

Everybody everywhere is fed from birth with how exceptional their own country is. It takes being right-wing to believe it. It takes being right-wing to exploit a foreign tragedy to criticize that foreign society and to exploit it into making political gains. Have some decency.
Nov 15, 2015 sissoucat commented on Terrorists Attack in Paris.
One of the highschool staff members has lost several very close persons in the music hall attack. I hope no student lost anybody, and no student was a victim. Tomorrow will be tough.

@78 You must be an American far-right Christian, with such delirious fears of Christian religions being 'dissolved' ? As if that could happen. Separation of Church and State has a meaning, you know, even though it's blatant that you can't quite grasp it.

If you love fellow Christians that much, why don't you let your Christian representatives know what you think of having bombed the hell out of Iraq. As an obvious reprisal, most or all of the Iraqi Christians - who had lived peacefully with their Muslim neighbours for centuries - have been killed, or are enslaved, or are dying in the Mediterranean sea while trying to get into European countries. Your right wing politicians knew that would happen, and they still did bomb Iraq, because oil and because of the Christian Rapture ! I haven't seen that Bush's religion has been punished because of him deliberately setting the whole world on fire, nor that he himself has been held accountable for the hundred of thousands of deaths that are his legacy, along with a broken US economy.

Or... do you not care for the lives of your fellow Christians, if they speak a different language, and have not white blond looks ?'

I care for everyone who respects the Golden rule. And that's most people. I won't attack peaceful French Muslims because some deranged people abroad convinced 7 or 8 of their sheeps to go and kill French people, regardless of who they were, and what they thought of the Middle East current crisis - and then kill themselves.

Maybe an important point you're missing is that ISIS kills everyone they can get their murderous hands on, and that means mostly their fellow Muslim countrymen. There are many flavors of Islam and ISIS kills all the other ones. Muslim people are also in the crosshairs of ISIS, and have suffered way more from ISIS than the West has, even with the Paris bombings.