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in the past hour sissoucat commented on SL Letter of the Day: Good Big Sister.

"queues are on my brain" made me giggle.

As you probably know, queue is a French word meaning tail, and also waiting queue (from the wolves reputedly walking in line, head on the tail of the one in front). But "queue" is also currently French slang for dick.
in the past hour sissoucat commented on SL Letter of the Day: Orgasm Pressure.
"Then you hit me with this crap? Can we say double standard ?"

Er, no, we can't. Other posters have explained why. Your male priviledge is showing, doctor.
in the past hour sissoucat commented on SL Letter of the Day: With Mistress Matisse!.
Thanks for the excellent lesson on seducing a straight-ish woman. Can it be applied with equal success on straight-ish men, or are there other stuff to do ?
in the past few hours sissoucat commented on SL Letter of the Day: Watch Safely.
#6, you should register, so that everybody sees your advice.

I'm not quite clear about what really happens in the bedroom : you watch, okay, but you have to do a little MF action and a little MM action ? It seems like that action you're mentioning is sex, though.

So you're saying that, in order to be really close to heterosexuals having sex, the best way is to have sex with at least the girl as well ? I'd like to know if WWSS would be down to it.
in the past few hours sissoucat commented on What's Weirder Than This Commercial For a Vibrator With a Camera in It?.
Does that thing have a light, or doesn't it, in which case what use could it have ? As for proving it's effective, how about showing it imaging skin when the guy puts the vibrator on the legs of the lady, because vibrators are supposed to be in touching contact, right, not 5 centimeters away from the flower they image ? Doesn't everybody know that a vagina is not a gaping hole with lots of space inside and an inner light ??

Actually, the worst thing is the idea of putting something named "Gaga" inside myself. It means 'acting as in senile madness', in my native langage. Not gonna happen, folks.
in the past few hours sissoucat commented on Idaho Casino Cancels Performance from Racist Piece of Shit Ted Nugent.
@tkc Well, a man whose method to dodge the draft, was by shitting in his same underpants for some weeks, surely has some extended background and enjoyment of poop-play and lack of hygiene. So, body odor would be a given.

Besides isn't Nugent a self-proclaimed pedophile ? He's a family friend of Palin -- the one who accused a serious journalist, investigating her, of peeping into the windows of her underage girls. Alike seeks alike : some reports also give Palin as emitting the foulest stench.
in the past few hours sissoucat commented on SL Letter of the Day: Kinky Niece.
I'm torn on this one. I quite agree with Mistress Matisse that the long-distance BDSMer the niece is involved with has no reason to be more of a sociopath than a vanilla boy. But the way the relationship is described, it could very well be abusive - the boyfriend is pretty young too, and may not know how to do BDSM the ethical way. And if moving to the aunt's is the first step to disappearing with the boyfriend, that's worrying.

So before moving, I think LW should have a heart to heart with the niece. House rules are a given, but disclosing what she knows about the niece's online activities should also be important, so that everything is clear and settled. I'd add to the conversation the advice by Marrena, for the niece to be expected to get involved with the local BDSM community : the niece needs to learn firsthand from experienced practitionners what is safe and what isn't, and progress by herself from there.

The niece needs to have a safe place from which to explore her kinks, in order to grow more confident and make a good head start in life. The aunt can provide that better than the mother, but the niece has to be told the conditions of her staying at the aunt's before she makes the decision to go there : house rules, no snooping, but expectations of her getting to know the local BDSM community.
in the past few hours sissoucat commented on Savage Love.
OVER : As for how being over 35 is horrible, how are you going to live with yourself when you turn 75 ?

You say you're romantic. That means you connect to people in another way than just sexually, right ? Well, people who have lived longer and who have had time to have lots of experiences have grown a more refined personality and have a lot to share, more than just their awesome-looking body and their hopes and their ignorance. Your biggest sexual organ is your brain - feed it !

As for older male heterosexuals : some women, among myself, prefer them to inexperienced younger hot-looking pieces any day of the week. Cute arm candy often doesn't translate in fun in bed.
in the past few hours sissoucat commented on Savage Love.
NSA : I quite agree with 26 and 29.

You shouldn't do anything to prevent his hiring since he's qualified, but you need to put a word to HR about socially knowing the guy - so that you're not the one making decisions about him, and in the improbable event that he tries to blackmail you, you have some recourse.

And you need to act as if nothing had ever happened between you with the intern : no allusions, no jokes, fun rememberances etc. That should protect you further. And document every interaction, of course.
Jul 21 sissoucat commented on Sunday Comic.
I absolutely love hairy guys. Hairy backsides and whatever. I love human fur. I'm sure I'm not the only female with such tastes out there.

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