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10:13 AM sissoucat commented on Pope Francis Begs Forgiveness for the Catholic Church's History of Sexual Abuse.
@12 You hope wrong. Of course they are going to act slobberingly grateful. That's the only decent way to react to a Pope's words.

By the way, Argentinians are not very happy that a lot of survivors from a lot of countries are currently invited in the Vatican, but none from Argentina, the place where the guy was working before he became Pope, you know ? Maybe some of these survivors would have stuff to tell about some camouflaging that can't ever be explained ?
10:11 AM sissoucat commented on Why Are Conservatives Fighting Contraception?.
@74 Where the hell did you take that conservatives like children any more than women ?
9:53 AM sissoucat commented on Loose Box of Smallpox Virus Found in NIH Storeroom.

Vaccination for an eradicated illness is an idiocy. Why produce stocks and stocks of variola viruses for vaccination purposes, when there are none left in the wild ?

As for terrorists making spreadable variola virus out of nothing, as you suggest, it's impossible. Making spreadable variola virus out of a variola vaccine solution is quite easy, on the contrary. So, no, having a huge stock of variola vaccine ready, or vaccinating against variola is not a good idea, at all.
9:32 AM sissoucat commented on Colorado Political Candidate Says the Cure for Atheism Is an Exorcism.
@4 and 6

Yeah, go get exorcized by the good pastor and his congregation, see if they don't turn you into a sobbing heap of broken bones and mind.

You brave chaps think this exorcism business just consists of nice talks ?

My bet is that when this guy says "exorcism" he means full-fledged torture. Hey, he's gotta make your body really uncomfortable for the demons of atheism to flee right outta there !

If this guy was let out of the Navy, methinks his jesusy agressivity was not only soft-spoken nice words, right ? The Navy itself thought it had to protect the Marines from him - but you would gladly surrender your body and mind to him and his zombie followers ? Without any supervision ?

You don't known what fondamentalism really is, do you ?
9:09 AM sissoucat commented on If Kids Got Raped At Denny's As Often As They Get Raped At Church....
You're right AFinch.

So, I guess this puts a lot of pressure on this guy Jesus. Either Jesus unwilligly failed this miracle cure, which is rich from a deity's offspring, or he never bothered to cure the guy though he could have if he'd cared a bit. Besides, in both cases Jesus is complicit in child rape, since it happened under his watch and he did nothing to protect the child.

Let's put this Jesus on trial and settle this once and for all.
8:54 AM sissoucat commented on Savage Love.
LW1 : one of the reasons why people stay longer that they should with abusers, is the sheer surprise of it all.

It's very hard to allow oneself to think, that this someone who was all lovey-dovey in the first times, was just pretending.

But he was.

And he's probably already told you a thousand times that you're out of your mind, whenever you've questioned his motivations. That's the way they act when they're afraid of being discovered : they lash out at their partner's sanity. "Who do you believe, me or your own eyes ?"

Congratulations for having understood that he was an abuser after only one year and a half. Most people stay glued to manipulators for a lot longer.
Jul 7 sissoucat commented on SL Letter of the Day: Queens of the Retail Stage.
Okay. One last attempt. I'm showing goodwill here, I hope you will too.

I'm not retreating : I'm explaining my point, a point that you haven't comprehended yet.

But first I'll show you that I acknowledge your point, mostly thanks to your excellent explanation in post 49, and that I agree with you, that your point does explain most of the effeminacy-hating done by homophobes out there. Despite that, you'll see that I stand my ground that calling LW, a non-homophobe female, an inner misogynist, is just plain wrong.

Okay. Your point is that hating effeminacy is always misogynistic. Because you believe that the effeminacy-hater is convinced of the falseness that effeminacy is womanly, and has contempt for womanly, therefore has contempt for effeminacy.

And that's probably true of the average homophobe : very frequently, homophobes are male, and they are also misogynists. In this way, women would be natural allies of effeminate gays, because even if they do falsely believe that effeminacy is womanly, they don't despise womanly, so they don't despice effeminacy. They may feel reassured by it, even.

My point is that your reasoning for the origins of homophobic male hatred of effeminacy - the only one you most probably have to endure, and I'm sorry that you do - is not appliable to non-homophobic female wariness of excessive effeminacy.

Let me remind you that the female LW who can't with queens, is not homophobic, and we have no reason not to believe her. And please believe me that I'm not a homophobe either. Besides, I can't with effeminate women, but I'm not bothered by effeminacy in guys, and I love it in queens. Queens have a ton of personality and I love that. And their behaviour mocks the effeminate=womanly paradigm and I love that too. The only reason I had to ever dislike a gay effeminate person, was finding out it that he was a misogynist : not despising effeminate but despising womanly ; or that he was another kind of asshole.

My point is also that you (and other posters) having just an explanation for male homophobia is not enough. You should also work on an explanation for female homophobia, that can't use despising womanly = misogyny as its glue. Female homophobes do exist, and at least some of them have other motivations than misogyny.

Okay. Now to my point. My point is that non-homophobic misogyny-hating females may unwillingly react to effeminacy just like black people *naturally* react to blackface, and asian people *naturally* react to slanted eyes : they react with hating it. Of course, *culturally* non-blacks and non-asians also react to blackface and to slanted eyes with hatred, because they've learned how insulting it is to black people and to asian people, and they empathize.

Misogynists' way of mock-protraying women is with... effeminacy. You know that, right ? Mock-portrayal hurts. It leads to strong hatred of the gestures done to mock you.

The fact that effeminacy is an inaccurate mock-portrayal of women doesn't change a thing.

Slanted-eyes is an inaccurate mock-potrayal of asian eyes (because the difference in asian eyes is not them being slanted or widened as to close them, it's in the epicanthic fold covering the inner corner of the eye), but it's offensive nonetheless to Asians first, and to everybody as a result. Pretend effeminacy, as an inaccurate mock-portrayal of womanly, is offensive nonetheless to women, when done in jest by a misogynist. But it's offensive, just to women. Most men don't register what offends us : since we're not males, we're just in the background.

Telling a woman who reacts badly to effeminacy, done BY a real misogynist, as a way of mocking her, that she's herself a misogynist, it's exactly as wrong as telling an Asian reacting badly to slanted eyes, done BY a real racist, as a way of mocking her, that she's herself a racist. Okay ?

Now to my reactions to effeminacy. Show me an overly effeminate woman and my first reaction will be "sell-out, aping effeminacy will not make you more womanly, you tool !". And my second reaction will be, "let's not overreact, maybe she's truly that effeminate, it's her right, calm down ; but have you ever met a true/fake very effeminate woman who wasn't an asshole to non-effeminate women ? Nope. Stay clear."

Show me an overly effeminate man and I'll know right away whether it's a queen or a misogynist mocking me, so my first reaction will either be "yeah !" or "grrr !", but it will probably be adequate to the context, because I'm accurate at recognizing mockery.

Show me a mildly/not-at-all effeminate woman : I will have no reaction. Show me a mildly effeminate man and my reaction will be : I hope he's gay or bi or in show business or clothes, because there's not a lot of real acceptance and support for effeminate men out there outside of that. I would react along the same lines to a very 'manly' female.

But I would react to a very manly male with an "okay, probably an asshole to people like me ; watch from afar".

That is me, okay ? I'm not an "hypothetical people". I'm a not effeminate female, and believe me I have gotten lots of flack over that, from both males and females.

As for the LW's reaction : her brain seems to confound "gosh, the asshole is strong in this coworker, who happens to be a queen" with "oh, surely my feeling of assholery is inadequate here - of course people who make fun of me by exhibiting effeminacy are assholes, but queens don't do effeminacy on purpose, so this queen is not an asshole - still I can't with this queen ; gosh, I'm not a homophobe and I still can't stand this queen. What's the only difference between her and the gays I love ? Effeminacy. Can I be a non-homophobic queenophobe ? What shall I do ? Daaaan !"

Well, neither of those two examples of existing females is inner misogyny.

I hope I have convinced you.

If I haven't, next time you happen to hate on a so-called 'manly' homophobe, or on an asshole butch, bear in mind that SOME (along them, your own self) would explain your reaction away, by accusing you of inner man-hating.

See if you like it.
Jul 7 sissoucat commented on Selling Desire.
Oh, the machonazis are coming out in full force. You've worried the nest with your post, Paul. Swell !
Jul 5 sissoucat commented on Selling Desire.
Paul, have you read Diderot's 'Jacques the Fatalist and his Master' ?

I've discovered it recently, and despite dating from 1760-80, the narrator interrupts often his story to adress the reader and comment on the narrative. Astonishingly modern. And, with sex scenes. Published long after his death, of course.

Your fine critique makes me want to read this book. Good job !

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