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I walk on concrete, I walk on sand, but I can't find a safe place to stand.
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Writer, sketcher, occasional singer, good cook, and PJ Harvey superfan, though a lot less depressive… more »


  • What keeps you up at night?: Politics
  • What's your biggest grammatical pet peeve?: Mixing up their possesive with there declarative
  • What movie can you recite verbatim?: Pulp Fiction
  • Dan Savage or Charles Mudede
  • Too many teeth or No teeth at all

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lolorhone is doing the damn thang.
2:19 PM lolorhone commented on Savage Love.
Auntie Griz @55: Then again, don't we all? :)
12:42 PM lolorhone commented on Savage Love.
Auntie Griz @49-50: Thanks for the shout out! I hope all things post-op are going well. As for insecurities, I often feel I need a break from living in this particular body, with this particular mind full of my particular history. However, since this is an impossibility, I just try to focus on what I can control. The past's the past and set in stone but I can change my perspective moving forward and try to leave it there (aside from lessons learned, it's of no use to me or anyone else now). That's all anyone can do, and you're doing it better than most. You're worried about it not simply because you're insecure, but because you're thoughtful (a rarer quality than we'd all like to believe). Just keep this in mind: You've had many and much worse hurdles than being hot again. I'm sure you'll conquer this one in no time.
6:59 AM lolorhone commented on Savage Love.
sissoucat @31: Ain't that the truth...
2:50 AM lolorhone commented on Savage Love.
Gay, straight, bi, trans, questioning, poly... Insecure, jealous, hormonal, anxious... All these categories are useful and edifying w/r/t maintaining a relationship. However, none of them are as useful and edifying as determining your partner's asshole status. Figure that one out and the rest tends to fall into place, y'know?
Apr 14 lolorhone commented on SL Letter of the Day: Open Up.
Fuck the rerun thing, I'm just outraged at your endorsement of Jager shots, Dan.
Apr 13 lolorhone commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.
I love New Orleans jazz and have definitely heard of Django a la Creole! My ex was raving about them when he went to see them a few years ago (he lives in Paris and they were touring Europe).

And as for worker's rights, we're gradually losing the few we had here as we speak. In food service, you take whatever break ("the bathroom", "cigarettes") you can get away with because otherwise you be grinding away all eight hours of your shift. Is it technically legal? No. But it's how things are done.
Apr 12 lolorhone commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.
sissoucat @58: Why yes it does, mon chat de feu ! It is a Creole name; most of my family is from Louisiana which, as I'm sure you know, is heavily influenced by French (and African and Spanish) settlers/immigrants in culture, language, and food. Also, apparently there were some winemakers in my family's distant past. :)


The law requiring separate toilets for workers is genius. How I wish America followed suit.
Apr 12 lolorhone commented on How Metal Is Your Period?.
sissoucat @46: The grossness of work toilets depend upon where you work. I worked at a college town bar for four years. Trust me. Gross.

And I learned the women can pee standing up thing from The Full Monty. I just figured it didn't happen often enough to count. :)
Apr 11 lolorhone commented on Eighty-Six Sixty Nine!.
@51: So you're saying feminism as actually practiced is all hollow rhetoric applied to inappropriate situations? That seems quite "meaningful" w/r/t you maybe, but not necessarily the entire "real world".
Apr 10 lolorhone commented on Eighty-Six Sixty Nine!.
Parody or no, hollow rhetoric stupidly applied to inappropriate subjects is not feminism. It's what morons think feminism is. Moving right along...

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