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Apr 3 high and bi commented on The Anal Examination of Uganda.
they would have to take pictures of the lesbians' suburus --- zing!
Feb 16 high and bi commented on The Kansas Law Brought Down to Brass Tacks: Pastry.
The schadenfreude will be unbearable when someone uses this against a xtian ("I refuse to serve baptists/whatever at my movie theatre!") and then the state supreme court is forced to either throw out the law or allow discrimination against xtians (equal protection under the law and all that).
Feb 5 high and bi commented on Sleepwalking Man in Underwear Sculpture Is Unpopular at a Women's College.
So, naked woman = art. Semi-Naked man = scary and bad, must be removed. Got it. Not sexist at all
Jan 14 high and bi commented on An Open Letter to Trader Joe.
They're making them crappy on purpose so that you are forced to eat healthy!
Jan 10 high and bi commented on First They Came for Bauhaus, Bill's, Manray, Wall of Sound, the original Cha-Cha, Bimbo's, and Pony....
I like it but agree with the above commenters that say it should be bigger (at least 10 stories minimum) especially in that prime location
Jan 7 high and bi commented on Pot Parking Area.
So you have to park 4.20 feet from the curb to get free parking in that zone?
Dec 27, 2013 high and bi commented on What a Country: Baby Killed by Gun and No Charges Filed.
definitely appropriate in these cases for manslaughter charges to be filed. thanks @11 for the statute.
Dec 20, 2013 high and bi commented on Etymology of the Day: Sweater.
@4 its pullover in German as well.
Dec 10, 2013 high and bi commented on Tea Party Sees With Its Own Eyes That Obama Is a Commie.
of course, everyone know that shaking hands with someone means you agree with everything they ever said and is not just a polite greeting
Nov 26, 2013 high and bi commented on Oregon Family Council Compares Gay Marriage to Neo-Nazis.
what if a racist restaurant owner refused to serve black customers? oh wait, that is called discrimination and its illegal!

here's a hint for anti gay bigots, replace "gay" with "black" in your stupid scenarios and see if it still sounds socially acceptable before your press release

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