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Feb 1 Michael of the Green commented on Guest Editorial: An Open Letter to My Mother, Who Voted for Trump.
Sanctimony appears to run in your family. Any letter that says stuff like "I patiently explained to you..." and "I sent you so many links, but still you didn't change!" is written by an emotionally disabled child unacquainted with any self-awareness. It'd be worth it for you to make an effort to understand your mother in a way that doesn't paint her as a cartoon. Whatever happened to you, this sort of "letter" is only a masturbatory, sadistic and unloving peal. Hopefully, it's just virtue-signaling to your peers and not a letter that you actually sent.
Jan 11 Michael of the Green commented on The Body Found In the Lily Pond Once Belonged to Amy Vanderbeck.
There are some beautifully written sentences here, but if I were her brother, I'd beat the shit out of you.
Dec 14, 2016 Michael of the Green commented on After Meeting With Trump, Bill Gates Proves That He Can’t Be Trusted to Fight Climate Change.
Didn't Trump back off from his statement that climate change is a hoax? I try not to listen to him much, but I thought I'd read that long ago.
Jun 7, 2016 Michael of the Green commented on Brock Allen Turner “Got Far More Than 97%-98% of Rapists Do”.
6 months is plenty long. He's not likely to be better "reformed" with a longer sentence, and he'll be living with the stigma for the rest of his life. If anything, the difficulties he'll be facing will make him more likely to live a life that involves a criminal element.
Apr 19, 2016 Michael of the Green commented on John Hodgman Endorses Hillary Clinton.
I remember when liberals used to like Hillary, sort of. Funny how we lose the capacity for nuance when we play the sport of us-and-them.
Mar 28, 2016 Michael of the Green commented on The Walking Dead Recap: Carol & Daryl, Come Home!.
Man this ep was boring, although it'd be cool to have a machine gun that fits up your sleeve.
Mar 28, 2016 Michael of the Green commented on Support the Real Progressive.
Aw, this is the Stranger I've missed for so long! Pissing off the terminally uptight, exposing the entrenched bigotry of even the supposed progressives of the entitled generations.
Mar 23, 2016 Michael of the Green commented on .
@3 It's not a good show, and yet I keep watching. Talk to my therapist about this. Sometimes it's a game of Spot-the-Plot-Holes!
@4 Thanks, I wasn't sure about the Hush Hush, and I'm still not satisfied, but I guess your's is the best theory.
Mar 21, 2016 Michael of the Green commented on The Walking Dead Recap: Twice as Far.
Fairly certain they didn't arrive at the same time. I'm guessing you took a potty break. BTW, sorry to hear about how you do sex.

And that photo with the arrow through her eye is breathtaking! Was that a behind-the-scenes shot, or was that really in the show??? I'd also be laughing if I was in such a terrible makeup get-up. Almost as bad as when that other dude got shot in the eyeball. Maybe it's time to cave in to a smidge of CGI? Or is this retro eye wound effect part of the fun?
Nov 6, 2015 Michael of the Green commented on Pike Place Market to Clean the Gum Wall of White Privilege.
I like the gum wall, but Charles is right: white privilege is all over this.