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Aug 5 Mr. X commented on Being One of 200 People Who Gets to Meet Bernie Sanders at the Comet Only Costs $200.
I like Bernie and will vote for him in the primary, but the flipside of this coin is that the low cost for the event means no money to wage a mass media campaign against what is going to be the slimiest/craziest and best-funded Republican campaign in history. That's a problem.
Jul 31 Mr. X commented on The Hidden Reason Behind Seattle's Skyrocketing Housing Costs.
Also - by that measure SOV use rose during the same period, too. You and your buddies at the Seattle Bike and Transit Blogs aren't exactly trumpeting that fact, though.

Jul 31 Mr. X commented on The Hidden Reason Behind Seattle's Skyrocketing Housing Costs.

Mode split is how these things are measured for planning purposes.

Fun fact, did you know that in 1995 when the City adopted the CompPlan the goal was to have achieved 9% mode share for bikes by 2010? How's that working out?

(and BTW - I don't have the figures handy but it's reasonable to assume that the increase bike counts on 2nd includes traffic that used to go northbound on different routes).
Jul 30 Mr. X commented on The Hidden Reason Behind Seattle's Skyrocketing Housing Costs.

I stated that bike mode share had fallen. Fact.

I said that the "War on Cars" is real, and provided evidence. You can put words in my mouth about the number of bicycles on 2nd rising from negligible in the overall scheme of things to sort of less than but still negligible if you'd like, but it doesn't obviate my points at all.
Jul 30 Mr. X commented on The Hidden Reason Behind Seattle's Skyrocketing Housing Costs.

Bike mode share fell from 3.3% in 2012 to 3.1% in 2014.…

Back in February, KING said over 1000 parking spots had been removed citywide (so it was not all downtown, and not all due to bike lanes, though there is certainly less parking now on 2nd than there was before). They also don't offer a count for the number of parking spots that are now reserved for Car2Go, parklets, and all of the other war on cars BS Scott Kubly and SDOT are pushing, but it turns out the lying eyes of Seattle drivers aren't nearly as bad as you seem to think.…

Jul 30 Mr. X commented on The Hidden Reason Behind Seattle's Skyrocketing Housing Costs.

The City just acknowledged that bike use downtown is actually down.

As someone who has driven in Seattle for well over 25 years, I can personally attest to that FACT that oodles of parking spots have been removed for those seldom-used lanes.

You remind me of Ed Murray saying there's no War on Cars. I can believe you and him, or my lying eyes. Like most Seattle residents, I choose the latter.

BTW - to get back on point - I know someone who manages a prominent older apartment building in the U-District. An out-of-town management firm bought it, and they immediately jacked up the rents. There was no parking involved, and to cite parking as the reason so much rent gouging is going on in Seattle is pure bullshit.
Jul 21 Mr. X commented on Disappointed by the Rent Control Debate? Here's What a Six-Year-Old, 400 Page Study on Rent Stabilization Says.
If rent control can get the international investor class (and by that I mean everything from evil developers I hate to union pension funds I like) the fuck out of the business of buying up Seattle apartment buildings I'm all for it.
Jul 2 Mr. X commented on Jean Godden Didn't Attend Our Stranger Endorsement Meeting. So Who Should We Pick in the District 4 Council Race?.
The accident that killed the bicyclist that "Advocate Dude" is rather cynically using to push his agenda occurred at the intersection, and was caused by a drunk driver. The proposal remove the additional peak hour travel lane on NE 65th (which will fuck up rush hour traffic something fierce, notwithstanding what the professional liars at SDOT will try and claim) would not have changed the outcome at all.

Good for Provine for standing up to the bike lobby AKA the 4%ers.
Jun 23 Mr. X commented on Dear Seattle, Why Do You Hate EMP?.

Allen wasn't going to pay for it - the public was (and a would have spent a whole lot more we have even with the City Council decision to implement the Mercer Corridor beautification project that voters saw through and rejected in 1995/1996).

"Gift horse" my ass.

Mar 19 Mr. X commented on Mayor Ed Murray Wants to Ban Smoking in Parks, and the City Says There's Nothing Unfair About That.
It's a rare day when I agree w/Gurldoggie, but I'm right there on this. Neo-puritanical elitist nanny state do-gooderism at it's most annoying.

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