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Apr 13 Bored@School commented on The SECB Is Vulgar, Offensive, Impaired.
@9 I get what you're saying. I ride a Honda Metropolitan and now have $40 tab fees with the likelihood of them going up to $60.

Guess how I voted?



Because this shit isn't just about me. I have $7 a month insurance and burn about a gallon of gasoline a month. Less in the winter and more in the summer. So my vehicle costs me $11 a month. With tabs, $14.25; with a prospect of that going up to $15.75.

Big fucking deal.

More important than my $1.50 a month is a reliable metro system. More important is customers being able to make it in to my shop. More important is my employees being able to get to work on time and home at a reasonable hour. And this isn't just those who ride the bus; people driving will be caught in worse traffic for longer periods of time. Burning more gas while idling.

Don't be so selfish. You're already saving money on your vehicles other costs of ownership.
Apr 9 Bored@School commented on The Actual Economics of Cities Raising the Minimum Wage For Every Employee, Tipped and Untipped (Spoiler Alert: Things Turn Out Fine).
Why is it all-or-nothing? No one is saying "$15 per hour unless it's a tipped employee, at which point let's regress to $3 an hour for them!"

$15 an hour can be a lot for some businesses; namely coffee shops, restaurants, and very small businesses.

Why not tie the tipped minimum wage to the $15 per hour. Using something like 80%, we'd end up with tipped employees making $12 p/h + their tips. If their reported tips (those on credit card, and/or pooled cash) don't put them over the $15 threshold then the onus to make up the difference falls on the business.

Then if we maintain that the minimum wage as being tied to the cost of living, as the $15 increases over time, so does the tipped employee minimum wage, because it's an establish 80%, rather than a set dollar amount.
Apr 5 Bored@School commented on The Saturday Morning News.
Did you read a different story than the one you linked to on the UW cherry tree story? They aren't being transplanted, they were cut down because they're old and potentially sick, and the architecture dept. will make them into furniture. They will plant saplings to replace them.
Mar 28 Bored@School commented on The Minimum Wage Symposium: A Lot of Data and a Couple of Fights.
Why not a compromise that ties tipped employees tip credit to the new proposed min wage and any future increase?

So, min wage for hours worked if you're a tipped employee would be tied to 80% of non-tipped employees (min wage). In this instance, $12 p/h. Then, during payroll, reported tips (not assumed ones based on ticket sales) are factored into overall pay. If hours/overall pay do not meet or exceed $15 p/h, then the employer is on the hook to pay the difference.
Mar 28 Bored@School commented on Jim Pugel's Gracious Farewell to the SPD.
@13 in his interim leadership position he admonished, punished, and even fired some of the bad cops. The new Chief took only a few days to reverse some of those punishment under the leadership and orders of Murray.

THEY are part of the problem. Good cops can't effect change if they aren't in a position to do so. When Pugel had the opportunity to show true leadership, he did. He might be part of the system, but he was the part of the system that recognized change had to be made. Not so much with his successor.

So, again, fuck Murray and his cronie dickholes. I won't be surprised if a corruption scandal breaks during Murray's term in office.
Mar 28 Bored@School commented on Jim Pugel's Gracious Farewell to the SPD.
I finally started watching The Wire recently. Seeing how fucked up the politics of police are, as well as the wheeling and dealing to pay one another favors and screwing over good cops who don't "play the game," this makes sense to me.

Pugel wasn't a sycophant. Murray and his ilk are a bunch of petty dickholes.
Mar 17 Bored@School commented on Police Beat: Homeless Men Beaten Next to Firefighter Memorial in Pioneer Square.
Fuck them. I have no respect for civil servants who abuse their power, on or off the clock. Let these men lose their jobs.

If they're season ticket holders, make an example of them and ban them from the stadium for life. Sell their remaining tickets at auction and donate the proceeds to help Seattle's homeless.
Nov 27, 2013 Bored@School commented on Lesbian Waitress Who Claims She Was Victim of Bigoted Stiffing Has Some Credibility Problems.
@26 agreed for the most part.

I'd argue that the real victims are the people who sent money to this woman as a show of support. She claims she donated it to the wounded warrior project. Even if she did donate $3000 dollars as she claims there's no way to prove that's all she received.

She's a huckster, a fraud, a charlatan, a snake oil salesperson. She's simply going for a new demographic; the young, liberal, internet savvy who wouldn't buy a professed panacea, but also wouldn't blink to help out someone they see in need. Her backstory and use of the internet made her "I'm a vet" story seem so different from the homeless person making the same claim on the streets and off ramps in our own city.

We got duped earlier this week with the Goldi-blocks & Beastie Boys bullshit. It's all the same. It's all part of the internet outrage machine.
Nov 14, 2013 Bored@School commented on Where Should I Buy a New Mattress?.
I second the Novaform from Costco. We bought one 3 years ago. It was on sale for $550 or so, and it's super comfortable.

Because it's memory foam, it's the same on both sides, so there's 4 ways to rotate it (simply spinning 180 degrees, and flipping). Moving around doesn't affect your sleeping partner. It's not too hot in the summed, and not too cold in the winter. It's the perfect balance of softness and firmness. The foam is bedbug resistant by virtue.

We were able to fit the box in our car and get it home from Costco sans delivery fee.

Amazon also has some inexpensive foam mattresses w/ free delivery.

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