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Aug 27 Bored@School commented on Seattle Police Officer John Marion Is At It Again, Apparently.
I used to work for Ricardo, back in 2006, around the time this was taking place. I was witness to a couple of occasions where SPD showed up and harassed him and his business partner/girlfriend.

I worked the morning/day shift, and didn't see as many of the regular problem causers, but I'd also work the Friday night music events, when there were a lot more people involved. Cops would stop by and harass them over their alcohol barriers, claiming they needed to be permanent, despite the fact that almost no businesses have permanent barriers on their patios for special events.

We served bottled beer and house wine to world music performances. It was hardly a rowdy crowd; people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s mostly. They hosted community organizing events, and local artists on a regular basis. There were beginning Spanish courses offered on weekends.

The place wasn't perfect, it was slow and the business wasn't pulling in profits, I'd have to call before depositing my paycheck to make sure it would clear. Despite the unsteadiness of business, money would be moved from their personal accounts when necessary to cover my check. I was willing, at the time, to wait a couple of days. I never once doubted their honesty and dedication to improving the community.

It's do befitting, that like a gang of thugs themselves, SPD officers harass Ricardo online over a post critical of their practices. Shit, the people he called out don't even work for SPD anymore. The Justice Dept. DID order organizational changes, because of their policies and lack of accountability. They successfully have driven home his point that they have absolutely no connection with the community they serve.

I'd love for someone at The Stranger to do some research into whether any of these officers were on the clock when posting online. Can one get a public records request on scheduled shifts? If so, cross reference those with the time stamp of the posts. They're assholes for posting what they did anyway; but if they're on the clock, they have to be in violation of some internal policy, right?
Aug 20 Bored@School commented on Volcanoes Like Iceland's Bárðarbunga Have a History of Going Beast Mode on the Planet.
Who would have thought that a post about a volcano in Iceland would be the straw that broke the camel's back when it comes to the last semblance of sanity of one of our resident trolls?

Someone with more tech knowledge than me should do an IP trace, because I'm pretty sure if we sent an ambulance to his/her address, they'd find someone suffering from a stroke.
Aug 19 Bored@School commented on The Morning News: Drive-By Shooting in West Seattle Nearly Hits a Girl.
"near-missed" not "nearly missed"
Better still, "narrowly missed," "barely missed," or "nearly hit."

Something that nearly misses ultimately achieves its target/aim. "I nearly missed my bus."
Jul 31 Bored@School commented on Masmari Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison for Neighbours Arson.
Several people. I'll remember to jot that down next time I'm trying to remember what to refer to a gathering of around 700 people should be called.

Must be like when Richard Reid tried to kill several people aboard a flight by igniting a homemade bomb in his shoe that didn't explode and was sentenced to life in prison.
Jul 31 Bored@School commented on Masmari Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison for Neighbours Arson.
I agree that our war on drugs and mandatory minimum sentencing is ridiculous.

However, this man's intent was to burn hundreds of people alive, he attempted to do it, it's not like a hair-brained plan he posted on social media about and someone alerted the authorities. He walked into an establishment, through it, saw the faces of happy revelers celebrating another year of their lives, good and bad, and poured gasoline along an stairway/exit and set it ablaze, walking away and leaving them to die. HUNDREDS of people that he tried to kill, survived because a couple of people acted quickly and were able to extinguish the flames and get people to safety. He then tried to flee the country.

I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for this sociopath. He has no place in society, now, or 10 years from now. I don't believe in the death penalty, but I do believe in removing dangerous monsters from society by locking them away.

There is no difference in his actions whether the people lived or died. He chose to kill those people, it is by luck and vigilance that there were no deaths. However, if the opposite had happened and everyone burned alive, this guy did nothing different. It's actually quite possible he would have never been caught as the security camera footage would have been so badly damaged that it would not likely have been recovered, and even if it was, it still wouldn't be evident, without any witnesses to identify him as a suspect, that it was him.

Fuck him. This is a miscarriage of justice.
Jul 31 Bored@School commented on Masmari Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison for Neighbours Arson.
10 years is bullshit. He attempted to kill hundreds of people and it was a hate crime. Lock this fucker away for longer. People get longer sentences for possessing a vial of crack. What a fucking joke.

This sends a message that you can attempt to kill as many people as you want and you'll get off with a lighter sentence than someone hurting only themselves in an effort to feel good.
Jul 31 Bored@School commented on Another Way Capitol Hill Is Changing: It's Less Gay.
This only looks at gay couples, and I wonder what the effects of same sex domestic partnerships, and now same sex marriage have had on the psyche of gay couples. Knowing now, unlike before, that they have the same legal rights bestowed upon them in the event of a breakup, divorce, or death as heterosexual couples may have lead to an increase in willingness to invest in property in Seattle's more affordable neighborhoods (relatively speaking, of course).

This says absolutely nothing about single gay people, who I would imagine remain in larger numbers on the hill. There's more nightlife, more opportunity to meet a partner, and more permissive attitudes. Once they partner up, just like with young straight couples, they leave the singles-core that is Capitol Hill and settle down in another neighborhood.

I could be wrong, but I don't think CH is getting any less gay. I simply think it's losing it's gay couples to the other neighborhoods, and they're being replaced by single people. The gentleman they interviewed is in his 40s now and married his husband and they'd been there 20 years. Moving from CH isn't gay flight, it's couples settling down.
Jul 14 Bored@School commented on The Sounders Are Everything the World Cup Was Not, Which Is Awesome.
@fnarf & @18, I'm in 230. Under cover in the rain, but still standing and still close to the action. First year w/ season tickets and not regretting it one bit.

@12 The New England loss was a sad showing, but we were on the road with a couple of star players a hemisphere away and playing up a few inexperienced players. Our record so far this season speaks for itself. And sorry to nag, but I bought match pass tickets last year (3 game pack) and it was $45. $15 a game is super affordable IMHO. And my season tickets (16 matches + friendly) averaged out to $26.50 a game. And considering they're far better seats, they're still affordable.
Jul 14 Bored@School commented on The Sounders Are Everything the World Cup Was Not, Which Is Awesome.
@12 Weird, I watched that same game and recall the Sounders winning 4-0. You might want to check your facts.
May 6 Bored@School commented on Factual Death, Fictional Life, and the Associations That Result When the Two Intersect.
@5 I've not seen your name in the bylines before and I assume it's because you've posted on Line-Out until the recent merger into Slog.

Anyway, I look forward to reading your old posts and look forward to your future musings. Your non-review-review of these films made me so much more interested in watching them. I like a good story; and reading how these movies make you feel after seeing them, and when thinking about them is far more important that any critical dissection of the film could ever provide.

I talked to my dad for a good hour today, and it was really nice. I'm sorry you aren't able to do the same, but I truly and honestly thank you for reminding me that I still have that option, every day, until I don't anymore.

Thank you.

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