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Nov 12 treehugger commented on If You Didn't Vote, Why?.
@8: Strange theory, seeing as how I was smoking up while filling out my ballot this year.
Nov 12 treehugger commented on I, Anonymous.
Sounds like karma.
Nov 11 treehugger commented on The Morning News: City Opens Emergency Shelter in Response to Cold Weather.
Will there be a shelter for minors open as well?
Nov 11 treehugger commented on Metro Bus Drivers Must Always Remember to Open the Back Door.
Most buses have stickers ON THE BACK door that say that the drive won't open it after a certain time of day.

And if I were the driver of a bus carrying you, I'd do my very best to ignore all the passengers in the back as well.
Nov 7 treehugger commented on Imagine a Columbia Center Packed With Micro-Apartments.
It sounds like hell.

Why not people-sized apartments for all the people (you know, human beings? Not cattle?) you expect to be living in there.
Nov 6 treehugger commented on SL Letter of the Day: Adventurous Parents.
@10: Oh, the irony in you calling people narcissists while demanding that they create a person in their image in order to test whether they are "man" enough or not. You are dangerous and I hope for your children's sake that no woman would have any with you.
Nov 6 treehugger commented on SL Letter of the Day: Adventurous Parents.
Societal expectations that people couple up in order to involve childrearing make the conversation about not wanting kids, ever, very difficult to have with people who simply can't believe that such a lifestyle could willingly exist.

Couples counseling might work, but then again, it might work to strongarm the guy into having children he doesn't want just because the wife heard technicalities in his language. Again, those technicalities are built into the way society expects every adult of childbearing age to want them.

Having had half a childhood with a dad who didn't want me, I say the people who want the guy to reconsider for the wife's benefit are working to cause a world of hurt to any children this couple may have.
Nov 5 treehugger commented on I, Anonymous.
It's a few minutes out of a responding officer's time to shake them awake, get them into shade, make sure they're okay, and frankly I'd much rather have SPD spend their time checking up on drunks than shooting the disabled. Just saying.
Nov 5 treehugger commented on A Thought on the Pedestrian Crossing Button.
@7: Welcome to Mudede's contributions to the Slog.
Oct 31 treehugger commented on The Morning News: A Teenage Girl on Her Cell Phone Ended Yesterday's Amber Alert in Just One Minute.
Did I get the Amber Alert on my phone yesterday? No. I went into my settings and I turned Amber Alerts off.

I don't miss them though. They're all over my Facebook page. They just aren't allowed to pretend to be important on my phone.

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