Achieve the Four Modernizations.

2:42 PM dirge commented on Amy Schumer Nails Aaron Sorkin.
Needed more Natalie.
Apr 10 dirge commented on Gun Nuts Prepare for "Shot Heard Around the US" Day on April 19th.
Wasn't the 'shot' in response to being fired upon? Are they going to have helpers with paintball guns help them complete their LARPing?
Mar 24 dirge commented on News Anchor Tries to Stop Baseless Flight 370 Speculation, Is Treated Like Little Baby-Child.
Their baseless speculation on aviation is no less justified than their baseless speculation on every other current event.

The job of pundits is to be wrong in new ways every day. I'm not sure why their bullshit discussion of a plane crash is worse than their bullshit discussions about wars or social security or the financial crash. I guess with a plane crash the damage is already done.
Mar 21 dirge commented on Seattle Needs to Start Behaving Like a Big City.
My sense memory tells me that the bus system escalators are on the narrow side.

If everyone has luggage, I think single file is all the escalators can reliably handle.
Feb 28 dirge commented on Massive NPR Fail This Morning.
Nice Polite Republicans, at least nationally, though they'd probably want to claim the mantle of sensible centrists. When E.J. Dionne is your 'liberal' commentator...

There's been a noticeable slide into business friendly reporting and austerity cheerleading since '08. The change might originate from when the McDonald's heiress left NPR ~$200 million in 2003, just as the Bush Administration was cutting NPR's funding.

Recent example: their hit job on government pensions:…
Feb 18 dirge commented on Bank Holds the Right to Pay You a "Personal Visit".
I'm not sure how this changes anything. An unscheduled personal visit won't count a as official communication per FRB rules.
FTC rules will still regulate how they are supposed to contact you for debt collection. I don't think you can sign those rights away.
Feb 16 dirge commented on The One Percent Blues.
There's just not enough Thomas Friedman fanfic.
Feb 13 dirge commented on Municipal Broadband Would Provide the Competition Necessary to Make Seattle's Broadband Market Function.
@13 Be aware that Comcast is one of Ookla's major customers.

Ookla : Comcast :: Moody's : Bear Stearns.
Feb 13 dirge commented on New Ad Perfectly Explains How Seattle Got Stuck With a Shitty Tunneling Machine.
@17 We're not cheering failure. We're saying, "I told you so," and hoping that you listen to us in the future. We're seeing that canceling the project now could save the city hundreds of millions of dollars. We know that even if it's finished, the city might still lose money each year on its maintenance costs.

I'm sure the next six months will really prove crucial.

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