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Jun 10 Foggen commented on The Walmart Man Who Would Be Alive Today If He Didn't Have a Concealed Weapon.
Do you say the same thing when police get shot?
May 29 Foggen commented on #YesAllWomen Rally at Westlake This Friday.
if I lived in Seattle I would be very happy to get this warning about where not to be.
May 9 Foggen commented on If You Believe Abortion Is a Right, You Need to Stop Telling Women How and When They Should Get Abortions.
It is wholly viable as a philosophical position and a personal policy to support abortion rights on the premise that a woman has the right to make her own decision as to whether she wants to have a fetus in her body from a pure body-ownership perspective, while also finding abortion disgusting and horrible, and seeing a video like this where she celebrates the decision as a critical failure of character. All I have to be to be a "good ally" for abortion rights is to say "I support abortion rights" and factor that into my voting patterns. I am not required to like abortion, or pretend that it's not vile.
May 6 Foggen commented on Leslie Jones Told Some Dirty Jokes About Slavery on SNL This Weekend.
That video was hard to get through.

I don't mean the slavery jokes, those were at least delivered with some degree of charisma. I mean that the rest of the segment was horrible.
Apr 24 Foggen commented on I Don't Have a Gun Or a Vagina.
What good is a gun in your vagina if you can't pull that gun out of your vagina and fire it? Wetly.
Apr 22 Foggen commented on Vagina "Plop Egg" Painting: Art or Pretension?.
I thought all performance art was a test of the limits of pretension.
Feb 14 Foggen commented on Vancouver Provides Crack Pipes in Vending Machines.
I feel like if I saw this I would buy a crack pipe for a quarter, just to examine its construction. Then, I'd figure out what else I can do with it, because a quarter for a designed glass object seems astonishingly cheap.
Jan 23 Foggen commented on Wait... Guns Do Kill People!.
Look, it is completely clear that guns are dangerous. That's known. And there's a point here that faulty ones in particular can be extremely dangerous. But if you are holding in your hand a gun that is KNOWN TO YOU TO DISCHARGE RANDOMLY, the FIRST thing you should do is take out the magazine and clear the chamber. There is inherent danger in firearms, more than any other kind of civilian-accessible weapon, which can be mitigated with responsible handling. This woman, unfortunately, handled her weapon in as irresponsible a way as she possibly could have.
Jan 17 Foggen commented on Moms Shooting Their Kids.
How disappointed you all would have been had she done this with a kitchen knife.
Jan 8 Foggen commented on Amazon Openly Tries to Steal Customers from Local Independent Book Store.
Nobody in the textbook establishment gets to act butthurt when they get undercut on prices. Those things are highway fucking robbery.

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