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Aug 14, 2013 hans millionaire commented on Stunning Seattle.
This is petty greed, and ego, stopping community beautification!

Change the name, and tell TWIF to F-OFF.

Paint the walls!!!!!!!
Apr 14, 2013 hans millionaire commented on Where to Stash Your Cash?.
an uninsured safe deposit box is the worst idea I have ever heard of!
Apr 14, 2013 hans millionaire commented on A Few Little Pot Districts.
23rd & Union, the central district's core for drug dealin already!
Apr 14, 2013 hans millionaire commented on Welcome, Stoners!.
@bert, medical is tax free so could be potentially cheaper than retail.
Mar 18, 2013 hans millionaire commented on You Don't Own Those Comic Books You Bought.
oh lets compare amazon.com to a failing old comic website, that makes sense! next week amazon could close forever!
Mar 13, 2013 hans millionaire commented on Drunk of the Week.
NOoooo, the best biker hang out around!
Feb 22, 2013 hans millionaire commented on If It Ain't Broke.
I know, lets charge $1,000,000 per grow license ... that way NO ONE BUYS ANY! stupid new law will not be effective in eliminating black market/street dealers or MMJ, since these tax and license fees will raise the price far above black market prices! lol
Feb 21, 2013 hans millionaire commented on Police Tell a Skeptical Audience That Port Surveillance Cameras Won't Spy on Alki Homes.
"Barefoot Bandit Brigade, Puget Sound, USA: 17 Security Cameras Disabled and Destroyed in Puget Sound Region.

In the opening weeks of February, 2013, we have removed and destroyed 17 security cameras throughout the Puget Sound region. This act is concrete sabotage against the system of surveillance and control. It is also a message of solidarity and a wish of strength to the Seattle Grand Jury Resisters, those currently incarcerated and those not. Finally, this act announces our participation in the game of CAMOVER, called for by comrades in Germany.

Feb 21, 2013 hans millionaire commented on Will Legal Recreational Pot Be Better or Worse?.
I think mmj and street dealers will continue, and only those who were previously not smoking because it was illegal will be the only new customers, and they may be willing to support the state system. Most people who already use wont be willing to pay more for something they already get on the cheap.
Feb 20, 2013 hans millionaire commented on Guess Who Just Called the City Council "Terrorists"?.
I will vote for Sam, He will make things more interesting around town!

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