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Jul 29 chrisgreen commented on The Feds’ Surprising Response to Exploding Hash-Oil Labs.
Extracting compounds from plants with flammable solvents is a perfectly mainstream industrial process that is done on a large commercial scale all over the world.

But it is done in regulated labs that aren't in residential neighborhoods, with trained personnel, safety and monitoring equipment, and inspections. That's what we need for butane (or CO2 for that matter) hash oil.

Jun 19 chrisgreen commented on What Was Your First Concert?.
The Clash+The Who+Santana at JFK stadium in Philadelphia!!!
Jun 10 chrisgreen commented on Is Raping Children a Crime?.
@19 : I was actually thinking of the McMartin pre-school case. Similar hysteria-driven prosecution. The wikipedia article you linked to is a good indicator of how it's hard to say that someone could have been unaware of the illegality of child sex abuse when these cases were blanketing the news.
Jun 10 chrisgreen commented on Is Raping Children a Crime?.
That's bullshit and he's lying.

In the time period he refers to, child sex abuse scandals at places like daycare centers were all over the news. It was such a big thing that they even lead to panics and sketchy criminal charges. No responsible person in 1984 could make a credible claim to not be aware that this was a big deal legally.
Jun 4 chrisgreen commented on Tonight in Music: Detroit Cobras and "Punk Assailment" at Black Lodge.
El Corazon's the place to be tonight.. the Goddamn Gallows are one of the wildest live acts around.

Apr 25 chrisgreen commented on King County Metro Boss: Defensive, Defeated, and Laying Out the Service Cuts.
Honestly, Why aren't they discussing fare hikes as a last resort/stopgap? No authority to change rates?

I totally realize that doing this will mainly affect the poorer residents who rely on bus service. However, my cynical view of politics tell me that if routes are cancelled, it's going to be routes used by lower income people more than those used by commuters.

It's also possible to raise rates in a more progressive manner targeting routes with more wealthier commuters. In addition, you can then examine other ways of softening the economic blow on the poorer city residents (a minimum wage hike would help a lot, just saying).
Apr 21 chrisgreen commented on Pressing the Ever-Present Issue of Who Was Punk First.
@7: thanks. The beauty of analyzing this way is that you don't have to resolve whether or not "grunge" is a genre. There's a bunch of musicians with a common set of punk-based and other influences who also influenced and interacted with each other, so you carve off part of the graph and give it that label.

Unfortunately, I don't think you can formally use the methods and tools of modern taxonomy directly to analyze music effectively because massive horizontal "gene" transfer is the norm. In biology, taxa for which is the norm don't casually pick up genes from organisms on the other side of the country or world.

And to apply it to grunge, I'd need to know whether anyone out here paid any attention to those Squirrel Bait records :-).
Apr 21 chrisgreen commented on Where Do You Stand on Powdered Alcohol?.
I'm not a prohbiitionist but this sure seems like a potential problem. Alcohol overdose kills ~1400 people per year in the us according to the NIH. I'm guessing an easy way to consume a lot of it as a sweet sugar powder won't help this.

Most of the cases are adult males, but cases in children often involve accidentally drinking a large volume of vodka.

Compare to the hysteria about about kids accidentally consuming marijuana edibles -- are these containers of what is essentially toxic (in high amounts) pixie-stick powder going to require child proof packaging?
Apr 19 chrisgreen commented on Pressing the Ever-Present Issue of Who Was Punk First.
Defining musical genres by what they sound like as opposed to their peers, influences, and influence-ees has the same problems as classifying animals with the Linnean system instead of cladistic methods. So:

Los Saicos aren't an early punk or protopunk band (regardless of what they sound like) because their music played no role in creating the US and UK punk scenes. Rocket from the tombs _is_ because their members went on to form pere ubu and the dead boys. The velvet underground, the modern lovers, the stooges, and various garage/psych bands were proto punk because the early punk bands were listening to and imitating elements they heard in their records.

Death is not at the root of hardcore even though they've got a song or two where they could almost pass for the Bad Brains. They would be if the Bad Brains had developed their style listening to those records.
Feb 11 chrisgreen commented on Amazon Crushes Barnes & Noble Under Its Heel, with Help from the Department of Justice.
Amazon didn't stop publishers from charging whatever they wanted for ebooks. Those publishers can charge amazon whatever they want. What they sued to stop was _price fixing_, an anti-consumer practice where a company tries to dictate not just the price that they charge the retailer for the item, but also what the retailer then charges the customer..taking away the retailer's right to decide what markup they want.

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