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Aug 12 Clara T commented on Atheist Cancels Kickstarter for a Book Comparing God to an Abusive Boyfriend.
Slog makes me confused. A few threads down, to the cheers of the peanut gallery, it comically lays into a couple of real people who fell to a horrible death in front of their children. But here it clucks it's tongue at the "insensitivity" of a comedic satire in which no one's actually hurt. My guess is that Slog doesn't actually give a fuck about but rather grandstands on whatever makes it appear to.
May 14 Clara T commented on TV Anchor on Watching Michael Sam Kiss His Boyfriend: "I Just Don't Want It In My Face".
Gonna try to make a finite distinction here and really don't mean to ruffle anybody. Sort of in the same way Savage is squicked out by vaginas I'm the same watching men make out. It's about the same feeling as watching one's parents kiss, particularly if they're getting into a little. It's ewww with a little e. You don't begrudge or hate your parents because they love each other and you love them and in an intellectual sense you know it's good and positive that they're sexual with one another and yes it makes you happy that they're happy and you'd fist fight any asshole who tried to make them feel wrong for kissing but I'll be over here counting me shoelaces until you guys wrap it up. Little e. Like if you don't like brussels sprouts -little e.

So maybe I'm not evolved or enlightened as much as some people, or maybe that's just how I'm wired. I do know I love my gay relatives and friends and was delighted for them when they came out and got happy.

There are though, I suspect, a lot of small minded dicks out there who experience that little e ewww and because of their fuckheaded ideology indulgently interpret it as big E Ewww, the one we get from from truly horrid things, child rape, animal torture, war wounds. They have a feeling that rightly belongs in the alright I'd rather not see my sister make out with the neighbor kid category and because of their fucked up "values" report it (to others and worse themselves) as evidence of abomination and outrage. It a lie they might not even know they're telling.

To me the kiss in question was sweet and heartwarming. The cake smearing and follow-up frosting kisses were a little embarrassing - about the same visceral reaction as if my mom and dad had done the same thing. Can't say I'd have preferred for the scene to continue but anyone who makes it anything more than "broccoli's just not for me" needs to get in touch with reality.
May 14 Clara T commented on Activists Call on the Council and the Mayor to Create a Privacy and Surveillance Task Force—Which Is a Very Good Idea.
I'm fine with cameras and don't see them as invading privacy but just an extension of the ability of the police to view you. If it's okay for a cop to see a crime with her eyeball and act against it, it should be okay for a cop to see a crime on a video screen and act against it. It's not like it's hunting, right? Not like the police ought to be extending criminals some arbitrary sporting chance at going unobserved.

The spying on personal data though is fucking bullshit. You expect to be potentially seen by a cop when you are out in public, but to have them secretly sifting through your phone? Fuck that - I'm shocked it's legal.
Mar 23 Clara T commented on Fred Phelps Is Finally Fucking Dead!.
Phred Phelps is a cultural position that's now opened up for the next one, sort of like how there's always a Madonna (cum Lady Gaga), Clearly he was an asshole; plenty more jockeying to fill the vacuum that demands he exist.
Mar 18 Clara T commented on Police Beat: Dog Owner Blames Attack On Victim.
@8 if these animals were pitbulls the jogger would be seriously fucked up.
Mar 17 Clara T commented on Another Alleged Hate Crime This Weekend on Capitol Hill.
Yes 21 probably all fights at 2am on Sunday are gang related. Absolutely nothing to do with the bars just closing on Saturday night ....
Mar 16 Clara T commented on Sawant Proposes Three-Year Minimum Wage Phase-In for Small Businesses, Starting at $11/Hour in 2015.
And @1 UW should DEFINITELY be paying $15 an hour to all the poor people doing the shit work around campus. Everyone making more than 6 figures there should bear a fat chunk of the cost.

This, of course, won't happen because bark as it might about being a progressive institution, UW is wildly elitist in how it distributes funds. Every cut that came down during the financial crisis nearly totally protected the fat (including high wage way left libs, rad. fems., and POC profs) and went straight at the lean.
Mar 16 Clara T commented on Sawant Proposes Three-Year Minimum Wage Phase-In for Small Businesses, Starting at $11/Hour in 2015.
Ksellout Sawellout? Or did she have no choice about joining the world of real politics?

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