9:49 PM yesterday Clara T commented on New Study: "No Compelling Evidence" That Increased Minimum Wage Has Led to Seattle Businesses Shutting Down.
Jesus fucking Christ what part of "prices haven't gone up either" were you all whacking it too hard to notice?
9:36 PM yesterday Clara T commented on Hillary Clinton Announces Running Mate.
Disappointed a Kardashian wasn't available, but I suppose if we need to go with professional Kaine gets her done.
Jul 8 Clara T commented on Science News: The Left and Bernie Sanders Are Unscientific on GMOs, Seattle Is Wet and the Rest of the Country Is on Fire.
@11 well I ate an octopus and now, along with typing this, I'm simultaneously flipping pancakes, juggling, walking like and Egyptian and beating off. Coincidence? I think not.

[disappears in a cloud of ink]
Jul 8 Clara T commented on Dumbest Letter Ever.
Writer of the original letter: should a person legally be free to hang this sign in the window of the only pharmacy for 300 miles: We Don't Serve Jews?

The problem here is that you're going to say yes. And then make a totally backward ignoramus argument that was shown to be a stupid and fundamentally un-American argument more than 50 years ago. The utterly basic concepts about civil rights that you don't understand and are asking to have explained to you were fully-tested in the courts and public discourse in the 1950's and 1960's, and are encoded in your beloved Constitution.

Think about that. You're arguing, if only in your own head, in a way as dated and out of wack as saying that 10 hours a day in a factory is the best thing for 6 year olds; or that women certainly shouldn't vote because, you know, they're not sane on their periods; or that smoking increases your athletic performance; or that a black person doesn't count as whole person.

It's exhausting dealing with people so out of touch with the basics of American civil society. So I say fuck it. If you're such an ignorant and/or lazy knuckle dragger that you can't reiterate for yourself the long-established, and perfectly-rational, and morally-correct, and quintessentially American, age-old arguments that businesses can't discriminate against minorities, then I'm sorry but fuck it, figure it out yourself. It's a waste of time to explain to people who by all accounts should know better that the earth rotates around the sun.

Do this instead - open a Wikipedia page about civil rights, read it, and then come back and articulate THE VERY BEST ARGUMENT FOR REQUIRING BUSINESSES TO NOT DISCRIMINATE. Put in a little mental-sweat equity. Then go ahead and attack those arguments - though you'll be on the wrong side it's not impossible to frame a semi-rational response.

But just straight up ignorance about the most basic aspects of American civil rights doesn't mean that in the 21st century people should be expected to hold your hand and explain these things in shadow puppets.
Jul 8 Clara T commented on Dallas: 11 Police Officers Shot, Four Dead, Three In Critical Condition.
@23 nails it on the gun terminology sideshow. So many of them are one foot untreated on the spectrum fanboys. Say something technically wrong about guns and suddenly your opinion doesn't matter. Well fuck that. You don't need to be enlightened to the technical minutia to have a clear eyed understanding that that thing hanging from that guys side is a pig fucking abomination that should never, ever be legal anywhere except guarding the dungeon into which we should throw the entire board of directors of the NRA for conspiring in hundreds of thousands of murders.

And the guy wielding the gun is a total fucking piece of shit that makes me sorry that hell isn't real.
Jul 7 Clara T commented on Larry Wilmore Didn't Know His Talk on Alton Sterling and Police Brutality Would Apply to Philando Castile's Murder, Too.
Castile was a public school cafeteria manager with no criminal record and a permit to carry his gun. He clearly informed the officer of the gun and that it was permitted. The NRA should be absolutely ON FIRE about this, but crickets. Now why oh why might that be? Hmmmm ......
Jul 3 Clara T commented on Emails From Reasonable Bernie Supporters Pour Into My Inbox.
@100 The largest faction of Bernie supporter are disaffected white men over 40. I know several of them, and I guaran-fucking-tee you that underneath all the tin foil vomit there's a sexist psycho-dynamic at work wherein the bulk of these frustrated dudes are invoking unconscious sexism. You can the women in their lives "strong" or "domineering," but literally all of the rabid Or-Busters I know live in lady-shaped shadows.

One guy's mom is a wildly successful mediator who always gets her way 100% and always comes off as compromising. As a younger senior she still humors him. It's like watching an episode of Archer.

Another rabid one is married to a bowling ball wrapped in battle-axes of a crystal worshiping she-guru who manipulates him into veganism every other year and is high-mindedly disappointed when he relapses to fish.

A third is almost laughable - he's a freelancing-here-and-there commercial arts hipster with great talent. By simple luck of the draw, he never achieved the fame and fortune he continually rolled the dice on in his high-risk high-reward career ventures. 50 is closing fast, and from the outside it's looking more and more like it's never gonna happen. His wife is an opposite type: went to law school, plugged along in house at a major corporation, work's boring as fuck but brings home an ever growing check and 401k. She's constantly putting the brakes on his next scheme for hipping-up the house with the latest designer addition, opening that restaurant that'll certain be the darling of Seattle Met Mag, quitting the current steady paycheck to get into something with a higher ceiling and more glory. She actually looks a lot like Hillary even - same body type and haircut. It's almost laughable the vitriol he has for Hillary considering he more or less married her!

There are more but you get the point. I think this dynamic holds up famously for most of the frustrated white dudes who're the core of the Bernie movement. They can't express sexism openly because as self-avowed progressives it would grate against their politics and sense of self, but a world wherein some women are socially and economically superior to them is not a native concept to them. Their irrational hate of Hillary Clinton is textbook displacement. It's just like the irrational hate for Obama that's so obviously displaced racism (which the Bernie or Busters I know, ironically, easily identified as such and have railed against).

I write this as a person who stood up to caucus for Bernie and brought several undecided to the Sanders camp.

@101 weakest type of argument is by analogy they say, and while I think that's kind of a BS bumper sticker that has no place in real evaluation of rhetoric, your analogy demonstrates the point. One could just as easily say (and more easily defend) that while Trump is a shit sandwich, Hillary is the political equivalent of two slices of stale bread. Maybe you'd rather cut off the corner or two showing blue-green speckles, but the distinction is absolutely stark; any shit you're seeing is your own.
Jul 1 Clara T commented on Emails From Reasonable Bernie Supporters Pour Into My Inbox.
Bernie or Buster: Loogit me now mommy - you thought I'd never amount to anything. But I'm important! I'm important! I'm kinda stupid. Nope, not great at critical thinking or evaluating sources. Or articulating specific arguments. But loogit me now mommy, I'm importanter than ever!!!
Jun 28 Clara T commented on I, Anonymous.
I don't get why people are possessive of their likeness - it's not "you" - it's the light that bounced off you at a given moment. Seems fucking weird to get wound up about that.