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Dec 13 Clara T commented on The Song of the Day Is: Ahamefule Oluo’s “Crinoline”.
I know this guy is talented, but I'm still annoyed that he publicly threatened a fellow comedian for needling his activist girlfriend for being fat. The whole pack of Seattle lib prog finger waggers gave that only obvious wrong in that fuzzy speech debate a pass because jokes are worse than actual threats apparently. Or no wait because thems ours. Or maybe because (somewhere deep in our colonial souls) we don't expect a black man to be able to control himself when it comes to his significant other? And also you sir are not a quail regardless of the quail colored suit. Quail are annoying birds. Okay fuck it I like the music I'll buy it nevermind.
Dec 13 Clara T commented on Forbes Calculates the World's Best Paid Musicians.
Do we give all these ultra-elite tax avoiders a pass because they do something cool?
Dec 8 Clara T commented on Guest Editorial: We Can't Address Climate Change Without Addressing Income Inequality.
The more affluent buying their way out of the impacts of global climate change is probably right. But this article operates on the premise that people with more money use it to buy themselves greener. Huh? Totally factually incorrect. More than anything increased affluence correlates with a larger carbon footprint, not the other way around. Anecdotally I know avowed environmentalists who enlarge existing houses into which their families already fit, regularly fly around the globe to (sometimes eco) vacation, "necessarily" do the same to attend business meetings and (sometimes environmental) conferences. They buy more stuff, drive their own cars, reproduce and make more people very likely to live similarly. Some of them put their asses in seats on the private jets of powerful connections, ski out of helicopters, own pools in Seattle. So I'm not sure who these phantom well-off people are who purchase their way to eco-responsibility - certainly not me or anyone I know, even the one's who take the bus and put up some solar panels, not by a long shot. As such this article is interesting but not really an argument, essentially fantasy fiction.
Dec 3 Clara T commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Straight Girl's Guide to Eating Ass.
Hey what's the likelihood of contracting hepatitis or any of the other things we so vigorously warn restaurant people they might pass along by not thoroughly scrubbing their hands after using the toilet? Is directly licking assholes somehow safer than a dirty thumb folding my burrito? Or should I not sweat any of it? Thanks
Nov 25 Clara T commented on Ten More Photos from Seattle's Protests Last Night Against the Ferguson Decision.
How come only the white kids get the old-timey western bank robber bandannas? #blackfuturesinthecorporatesectordon'tmatter?
Nov 23 Clara T commented on Who Makes Seattle’s Best Sandwich Now?.
Take 5 on 8th Ave in Ballard makes a sick Reuben but if you're over 40 you might die if you eat one.
Nov 23 Clara T commented on Bartender Crush: Taylor at Rendezvous.
Jesus Christ Fernet Fernet Fernet every damn week.
Nov 11 Clara T commented on What We Know So Far About the Wage Theft Lawsuit Against Paseo.
I hate slavery as much as the next bleeding heart but on the other hand fuck those were great sandwiches
Nov 3 Clara T commented on Vote for Frank Chopp in Seattle's 43rd Legislative District.
@28 you know you've got sharper in the past year or so by participating in public discourse (good on ya), but you really are still pretty bad in how you cite source materials. The document you link to surveys only people who would qualify at the top 5% of MENSA (and not all of the top 5% of MENSA) so it has a tiny sample size. I've got and have always had a mid-pack MENSA IQ and am fairly broadly functional. But have you ever met anyone with an IQ tickling 200? Something gives at that level -- though they're logical as all hell most of those people are kinda on the spectrum too, and don't have a lot of emotional or social intelligence. You're survey says a minuscule sliver of the world's "smartest" people -- some of the most clinical, probably least intuitive people on the planet -- favor an economic system that works wonderfully in theory, and why the hell can't we just implement it and everyone will act accordingly and the world will be fair and prosperous. And meanwhile the rest of us who are just plenty smart to flawlessly parse the issue too, but aren't borderline autistic, tend more to value pragmatism and consider ideas in application. Personally I'm happy to let the first group make my car one day drive all by itself and stuff like that. Leave the calls about social policy to others though who're a little more Sulu and a little less Spock. Not to say radical socialists aren't as bad as Rand-humping libs - really just the same monkey howling at itself in a funhouse mirror. or that when either of these ideologies filter down to people without the tools to really evaluate them bad things usually happen.
Oct 31 Clara T commented on Mars Hill Church to Dissolve into "Autonomous Self-Governed Entities".
Is Driscoll's face really that lopsided? Or is that Instagram's dumb evil fucktard filter?

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