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Apr 10 jBee commented on Colbert to Succeed Letterman.
Finally! A middle aged white dude gets a voice in late night
Apr 1 jBee commented on Snohomish County Releases the Names of People Still Missing in the Oso Landslide.
@3 looks like it's grouped by family. Jovan is Billy's stepson.
Mar 10 jBee commented on HBO Releases The Normal Heart Trailer.
Tim Riggins!
Mar 5 jBee commented on The Maxi Pad Revolutionary.
@18 that actually works really well.
Feb 25 jBee commented on Today in Typographically and Spiritually Inexact Sandwiches.
Thoughtless and maybe a little racist? Yes. Would I still order it? Probably.
Feb 10 jBee commented on Terry and I Hosted and Impromptu Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood This Weekend.
Maybe it's my old-person eyes, or that I can only focus on the epic hair, but what does 18-year-old Dan's button say?
Jan 21 jBee commented on Don't Think Of Them As YOUR Boobs, Think Of Them As OUR Boobs.
Wow. That story about Texas... is just so horrifying. I can't even make a Texas joke.
Jan 9 jBee commented on I'm Unclear On the Whole Penis-In-Vagina Concept.
I couldn't read the whole thing, but what does she propose for, you know, the continuation of the species? Or perhaps, any human who dares to procreate is raping the earth and we should really stop that whole thing immediately?
Jan 3 jBee commented on Here's the Veronica Mars Trailer.
Oh man. If I'm counting right, I have 70 days to re-watch the series. Attainable new year's resolution? Check.
Sep 19, 2013 jBee commented on Big News: Maru Has a New Sister!.
My day just got 84% better.

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