Nov 11 Root commented on Fact-Checking Last Night's Fox Debate: Who Lied Best?.
You guys bitching about the philosophy vs welding numbers apparently didn't click through to the NPR link did you? That clears it up in the first few paragraphs.
Nov 11 Root commented on Is Pike Place Market Planning to Compost the Gum Wall? How Much Gum Is It, Anyway?.
I don't think chewing gum is compostable in and of itself. It's mostly synthetic rubber.…
Nov 10 Root commented on Hillary Still Wants Pot to Be Illegal.
All the pro-pot & pro-Bernie folks on here, myself included, should remember something important. While we should push for the big change (full legalization, universal healthcare, Democratic Socialist president, etc) when it comes down to it, IF those options are off the table (Bernie loses the nomination) we shouldn't stay home on election day because that guarantees the big change in the opposite direction (more doors kicked down for weed, more war, more extremist conservative policies).

Hillary may not be ideal but she's a fuckload better than any of those psychopaths that are running for the R nomination. Staying home on election day because you're not getting exactly what you want guarantees you will get exactly what you don't want instead of getting a halfass version of what you want.
Nov 5 Root commented on Two Senators Have Proposed a Plan to Outlaw All New Drilling and Coal Mining on Federal Lands.
Good idea. Sad that it has no chance of passing. Long term it would certainly raise the price of fossil fuels and thus drive people to move to renewables. As people moved to renewables those prices would come down. It's a good idea, though it would be very unpopular for a while.

One impressive part here is finding a US Congressperson who actually continues to do their fucking job while campaigning for POTUS. Most of them, even the ones I've liked, just stop doing their job for a couple years while they campaign. That shit drives me nuts.
Oct 8 Root commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Taking It Easy on Sherman Alexie's Birthday.
The 2 dimensional option seems more than sufficient. If you do feel the need to go 3 dimensional maybe put attraction on the third axis. If you feel the need to go 4 dimensional, you're over complicating things.
Oct 7 Root commented on Giant GOP Asshole Assigns Blame to One of the Parents of the Oregon Shooter. Can You Guess Which?.
@3, "just the human condition is, perhaps, the root factor."
Do they not have "the human condition" in all those other countries that don't have outrageous rates of gun murders & suicides? You know, those countries that are every industrialized country that isn't the USA?
Sep 8 Root commented on You Did Not Have to Stomp That Mouse to Death, Rich.
15's got it right. Go with the snap trap not the glue trap if you care at all about the feelings of the mice you kill. If you can't handle killing a mouse at all then why did you put a fucking trap out in the first place? If you can't handle the death of a mouse be prepared for the breeding of the mouse that then leads to the massive infestation of mice. Rich did the right thing once it was in the glue trap but you should just get the snappers.
Sep 4 Root commented on Gay Couples in Rowan County, Kentucky, Issued Marriage Licenses This Morning.
@1, We're not "dismissing Christians or other religious people solely on the basis of their religious beliefs". We're dismissing "Christians" solely on the basis of their insistence that we all must live by their religious beliefs. If Kim Davis believed that all gays were going to hell and that their marriage was meaningless in the eyes of God but did her fucking job and signed the paper that the couple met all the legal requirements for marriage, which they did, then nobody would know her name.
Sep 3 Root commented on Federal Judge Orders Kim Davis Jailed for Refusing to Issue Marriage Licenses to Same-Sex Couples.
@3, that's what I was thinking too but she's an elected official. You can't just fire an elected official. I'm not sure what the process would be to remove her in Kansas but I imagine it would be some sort of recall election or something.

BTW, I wouldn't call throwing her in jail "hand slapping [that] is getting softer each day?
Aug 26 Root commented on With Bravery and with a Very Serious Face on, Jeb! Joins a Long Line of Republican Heroes Coming Out Against “Political Correctness”.
Yeah Jeb, I'm sick of all this "treating people with basic respect" crap. All this "behaving like a civilized adult" garbage is for the birds. Why do people keep expecting us to not be inconsiderate pricks to everyone around us?

@2, You can just say firefighter. There's already a term for it. You don't have to make up new ones.

@5, Did Bill Maher finally throw his hat into the ring to run for president? No? He's still just a comedian? Then I guess that has no fucking bearing on things does it. Personally I hold my presidents and presidential candidates to a higher standard than an HBO comedian, but that's just me.