Nov 22 Root commented on A Quick List of Prominent Conservatives Who Have Spoken Out Against Neo-Nazis in the Republican Party.
@6, I started looking up your references, found the first one to be utter bullshit and decided to stop wasting my time. Hank Johnson never said Jews are like termites. What he said was "“There has been a steady [stream], almost like termites can get into a residence and eat before you know that you’ve been eaten up and you fall in on yourself, there has been settlement activity that has marched forward with impunity and at an ever increasing rate to the point where it has become alarming,”"…

Very different. He's talking about how the Israeli settlers are breaking up Palestine like termites break up wood. It's kind of a forced analogy but it's apt. He's right. They are. Questioning the actions of Israel or Israeli settlers is very different from smearing all Jews.

Since your #1 example was bullshit I'm going to assume the rest of your examples are bullshit too. I know that's unfair but so is spreading a nasty baseless rumor.
Nov 7 Root commented on Fuck This Fucking Guy: Robert Satiacum, the Washington State Democratic Elector Who Won't Vote Clinton.
Holy shit! Real election fraud has been found! Someone is actually fucking with the will of the voters. Trump was right!

Seriously, fuck this guy.
Sep 9 Root commented on At Commander-In-Chief Forum Hillary Clinton Slays; Trump Brays.
@17, Hillary has literally done hundreds of media interviews in the last year. Why is a "press conference" more important to you than hundreds of one on one interviews?
Aug 29 Root commented on Anthony Weiner Caught Doing What Weiner Does.
@18, I'm not a judge, or even a lawyer, but I doubt it. I don't think there's anything wrong with an infant being in the room while you're in your underwear or even naked. Plenty of people shower or bathe with their child. I don't see any reason taking a picture like that is in any way harmful to the kid.

Having the kid in a picture like that and sending it to someone, that part's fucked up. Now that kid's picture is worldwide news and the kid had no choice in the matter.
Aug 29 Root commented on Anthony Weiner Caught Doing What Weiner Does.
@14 the only reason this would be a bigger deal with a GOP lawmaker is if they were a "family values" holier than thou politician, aka most of the GOP. I couldn't give half a shit about a politician sharing pics of his dick (or even access to his dick) in general. I only care about it in those cases when the politician ran on a platform of being more family and faith based than his opponent.

That's why while I find Vitter to be an unacceptable shit who should be burned at the political stake, I couldn't care less about Bill Clinton's BJ. Clinton didn't win his election based on the idea that he was more Jesusy. Vitter did.
Aug 29 Root commented on Anthony Weiner Caught Doing What Weiner Does.
@6, I don't think he needs to be in a different room from his baby to take the picture. He just needs to take it from a slightly different angle. Don't send pictures of your baby in your sexts. Jesus, I can't believe I just had to type that. Baby's don't belong in sexy pictures. Ever. Just leave the baby out of all of your sexual behaviors. Always!
Aug 29 Root commented on Anthony Weiner Caught Doing What Weiner Does Best.
I hope he presses charges against that bitch (the one who distributed the pictures) and she goes to jail.

I hope he sues the "news"paper that publicized the pictures.

I hope he gets some serious therapy and maybe a little less time with his son because that's really fucked up.
Aug 24 Root commented on Hey Bernie Bros, "Revolution" Is Not the Best Way to Structure a Political Movement.
But I want my revolution noooooowwwwwwww!!!!!
And it has to be done exactly as I say, no compromise, even with people who mostly agree with me but might have a slightly different way of doing things.
And I won't work with that guy. Or that one. Or those people over there. They think they had some part in this revolution but it was all me, only me!
And we can only take money from poor people. No rich people are allowed to donate to the cause, even if they agree with it.
Aug 10 Root commented on Did Donald Trump Just Encourage His Followers to Shoot Hillary Clinton?.
@ Raindrop. If saying the 2nd Amendment is the only solution to Hillary's appointments isn't advocating murder then what exactly do you think it is? I'm honestly curious what you think he was suggesting if not threats and murder.
May 31 Root commented on Do You Still Trust Hillary Clinton?.
Wait, I thought we were supposed to hate Hillary because she was too moderate on health care reform. Now you're saying we're supposed to hate her because she was too far to the extreme left?

Hmmm, maybe her years of experience in government has taught her that coming to Congress with an extreme position will get shot down so you have to make smaller changes, little by little over time.