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  • If you could bring one dead person back to life, who would it be?: RFK
  • What do you like to read when you poop?: graffiti
  • Jesus or Santa (sexually)?
  • Pot or Coke
  • Dicks or Vaginas

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kwodell is supporting the assault on str8 marriage.
in the past hour kwodell commented on "Rape Exceptionalism" and Protecting Law Students from "Triggers".
Wha' duh fuck?
in the past hour kwodell commented on Obama to Normalize Relations with Cuba.
cue insane crap from SB ...
1:55 PM yesterday kwodell commented on Tony Perkins: Same-Sex Marriage Destroys Currencies.
Once more, invisible friends are for kids and crazy people.
Dec 10 kwodell commented on Rick Santorum Is So Totally Running for President.
SB is back? Perhaps has a cramp from fap fap fap'n over luridly described CIA fun, and came here on a break?
Dec 9 kwodell commented on The Senate Intelligence Committee Report On CIA Torture Program.
An idea heard is an Obama pardon of Bush, Cheney, and company for war crimes as a way of public shame for criminals who will never come before a judicial review.
Dec 2 kwodell commented on Hey, Straight Men! Stop Having Gay Sex With Your Wives and Girlfriends!.
Jesus lowers your IQ. More Jesus, less IQ.

Invisible friends are for kids, silly rabbi.

Mohammed, see line one.
Nov 19 kwodell commented on White House Releases Live-Action Trailer for President Obama's Announcement Tomorrow.
Buh buh buh....he's BLAAAACK!

Only caucasian men can have power.

Dumbass libs ruined my 'Murika.

Ya feel me, doncha, SB?
Nov 18 kwodell commented on Why Am I So Intolerant of the Duggars?.
Our species deserves a die-off. And an all queer homo sapiens would reproduce anyway. Dumbass 'phobes.
Nov 5 kwodell commented on GOP Victories: One Chart to Explain Them All.
Suppression wins.
Lies win.
Racism wins.
Dumbed down kids = Republican wins.
Money = speech. More Republican wins.
Republican = Koch suckers. Republican wins suck.

America was a nice idea. A failed idea. Circle drain. Disappear down said drain. Buh bye.


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