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  • What helps you sleep?: jo to porn
  • What movie can you recite verbatim?: none
  • What is your sweetest taboo?: sounding
  • What song or movie makes you cry?: hallelujah
  • What book have you read the most?: Dune

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kwodell is supporting the assault on str8 marriage.
Mar 24 kwodell commented on Ted Cruz Only Listens to Country Music Because 9/11.
Please, a brief silence for all who endure SB in real life.
Mar 3 kwodell commented on Jokey Tweet Outrages Right-Wing Christians Because of Course It Does.
Dear SB, you are pure evil. Every word you spew serves as proof.
Mar 3 kwodell commented on False Hate Crime Report Lights Up Twitter.
Sounds like Hoover is an O'Reilly kinda homo. FOX needs more queers on air. Hoover is such an awesome Republican name as well.
Mar 3 kwodell commented on Slovenia Approves Marriage, Adoption Rights for Same-Sex Couples.
Hmmm. Seems like Mr. Melman @1 is dead on. Nice job, Slovenia.
Feb 4 kwodell commented on SL Letter of the Day: The BIBFAULT In Our Stars.
Some days you kill a bear. Some days a bear kills you. Move on, Dan.
Jan 30 kwodell commented on SL Letter of the Day: Slip and Tell.
Yeah dudes, cum. I come home from work. I cum @ home; seldom @ work.

@26 ... your porn sux when you use come when you mean cum. Yes, we do blink.
Jan 29 kwodell commented on The First E-Mail I Read This Morning.
@8 seems like a slap @ used underwear for any reason. Maybe my issues from days of yore. Anywho... be a Calvin's donor.
Jan 29 kwodell commented on The First E-Mail I Read This Morning.
Raised poor and never had new underwear before HS. EWs and YUKs show how spoiled you all are. Poor kids are happy for underwear donors. I sure was.
Jan 28 kwodell commented on Andrew Sullivan Announces That He Will Stop Blogging.
I rejoice @ an end of republikkkan spews like Sullivan's. When does his FOX show premier?

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