Apr 25 cracked commented on Why Does This House Cost $1,000,000?.
@65 Actually, poor people want single family homes too, but upzoning isn't even going to create apartments they can afford.
Apr 24 cracked commented on Why Does This House Cost $1,000,000?.
The upzone fantasists here are really going to town for the developers of apartments and condos for the wealthy professionals! They love you so so much. Without first doing a massive change, the kind that isn't even being discussed at even the most basic level, change in housing regulations and bringing on serious rent control, the kind of upzoning happening in Seattle does nothing for apartment affordability. The idea that upzoning all on its own, with a sprinkle of the current faux affordable housing deals being done with developers right now, is going to bring about a sea change in housing prices is laughable on its face. These policies are only contributing to the thing you claim to be against...
Apr 21 cracked commented on Hot Money and Seattleā€™s Growing Housing Crisis: Part One.
Upzoning and fake "affordable housing" required in developments are just feeding these rising prices. I'm baffled that anyone thinks giving developers a freer hand will somehow lower rents and the cost of homes. Taking one two bdrm bungalow out in exchange for 3 townhomes isn't supporting lower housing costs.
Apr 18 cracked commented on Ed Murray's Accuser Wants a New Judge for the Trial.
@9 Well stated.
Apr 18 cracked commented on Excerpt: We Sent Ijeoma Oluo to Spokane to Meet Rachel Dolezal.
I have from the beginning thought it was a big political mistake, and a unscientific mistake, to go after Dolezal so hard. It's basically arguing for and defending the concept of race that includes the defining characteristics of quadroon, octoroon, hexadecaroon, etc. But I've seen few people in agreement with this view, so maybe I'm missing something...

Apr 6 cracked commented on Seattle Times: Kent Man Files Lawsuit Accusing Mayor Ed Murray of Raping Him as a Teenager.
@47 These days I'm pretty sheltered. I have a feeling the street dynamics and general societal milieu has changed a lot since the 70s, 80s, and early 90s, so the events described could seem wildly implausible if 3 people said it happened in 2014.

Again, apartment description and phone number? I could get that information for Murray with a little effort. (Honestly there is a good chance it would take more work to find my OWN phone number from 1985 than Murray's!) Physical description? Give me several $1000 to spend and I could probably get that too. But that just gets us to listen to the rest of the story and all the little stuff...
Apr 6 cracked commented on Seattle Times: Kent Man Files Lawsuit Accusing Mayor Ed Murray of Raping Him as a Teenager.
@3 I think they are saying the statute of limitations doesn't end for child abuse, in this case <16.

Very tough to win one like this at trial, but if the story holds and it gets past first motions, I'll bet he settles. The cross examination necessary for winning would do as much damage as settling. After all, does anyone think Murray is a guy with mafia connections like Trump that he'll be able to just up and make the person "change his mind" about pursuing the suit when it already has a trial date?

Saddly, these stories of taking advantage of down and out or druggie teens sound perfectly plausible, even if untrue. The general dynamic is as old as the hills. Ask Dan ( or have Dan ask me!). Sometimes a sincere older gay dude genuinely helping a teen on the street or the road thinks about crossing the line, and occasionally they do cross the line or try to cross the line - sometimes with a grey area as to manipulation, but other times with clear manipulation of the vulnerability that gave them access in the first place. As to low payment, if the John wants to pay the going rate, he can hire an adult prostitute. Plus, as seen in 2008, who is going to believe a socially marginal accuser with a criminal past. And, if any of this is true, there is a good chance the person taking advantage of the messed up teen tells himself he is helping...

As to them being hired by opposition politicians, etc. I don't know, unless the Times is in on the fraud, that Simpson didn't sound like a faker who's been waiting on retainer for the last 9 years.

BUT, as to moles on the privates or whatever, once one of the earlier guys described it, a big bucks backer of a fake legal attack conspiracy probably could have gotten access to the details those two guys described in 2007 or 2008, including the description of his apartment. Plus, it wouldn't surprise me if some political opposition group or anti-gay people stashed away as much detail as they could from the time of those allegations.

@23 Here's a first, Raindrop. I'm feeling like you described. "Regardless, sad from all angles." Plus, if there's an upside as to the next mayor, it won't remotely offset the general downside.

Apr 6 cracked commented on Mumps Outbreak Continues in Washington State.
Yes, vaccinate your damn kids!

(I did. Complete no brainer. Public health is the foundation for a physically and mentally healthy community and civilization as we hope it to be )
Apr 4 cracked commented on Central District Activist Tells Jewish Uncle Ike's Owner to "Go Back to Germany" So Nazis Can "Get" Him Again.
@55 I don't want to excuse abuse by security staff. But in the interest of understanding why a pot shot would go for genuine "bad ass" (trained guard attack dog) security personnel, it is worth remembering that the chances of a serious potentially violent armed robbery are way way higher at a pot shop than any other retail establishment because the federal constraints on pot shops' ability to use banks forces them to hold on to a lot more cash than any other business would, and serious criminals know this. The owner didn't hire that type of security to deal with in-your-face-but-peaceful protesters, so not much surprise that there would be an overkill mismatch.