Dec 2 cracked commented on What Do the Blacks In Gilmore Girls Do? Endure.
@1 I watched this show last after a teacher of mine went on and on about his obsession with it. I was amazed at how much all of its sensibility and narrative style resembled the duller white picket fence romantic comedies of the pre-sixties era. I picked up on this because as a kid with no cable in the pre-vhs era I watched a shitload of old movies of all types, because that was all that was available. It was oddly nostalgic for me watching the Gilmore episodes I watched, like a time machine. Part of that, of course, was the complete and total assumption that the world IS white people, and the fawning worship of Big Daddy wealth, benevolent patriarchy, and the idea that where class does exist - it exists like the weather exists, without cause or reason, ordained by natural law. I actually thought the writers and producers were fucking geniuses in their success in recreating that archaic sensibility. I am convinced they worked very consciously to achieve that sensibility, with maybe a little tiny increase in pacing to keep the modern viewers attention, but not too much. In the end, I found it very disturbing.

Haven't watched any of the new stuff. Have they managed to keep up that time travel feeling? Or is more of a Brady Reunion sensibility?
Nov 30 cracked commented on The Fight Over a Weed Farm on San Juan Island.
I'm sympathetic, but from what I can tell from the article, the Prices fucked up pretty badly in not being ready for a challenge based on the written language of that easement. Seems likely they didn't know when they bought the property, or didn't care because she wasn't thinking of commercial growing at the time. I know if I had $1.5 million to sink into a new business, I wouldn't take the risk they did if I knew ahead of time the explicit wording of the easement. If they had consulted a land use attorney beforehand, I'm sure that person would have warned them.

Looks to me like this dispute wasn't really about anything to do with weed. I'm sure the neighbors would have opposed hot house flowers just as aggressively, and maybe gotten a lot less grief for it. But I suppose I wouldn't be reading this right now if the dispute had been about any other type of commercial growing. Weed!!
Nov 28 cracked commented on Army Corps Says It Will Break Up Standing Rock Camp by December 5, Proposes "Free Speech Zone" Instead.
@23 When the "hippie punching" starts, that odds that you are doing the right thing increases dramatically!

This "burning man" white people meme has been pushed forward with extra energy in the last couple of weeks in the energy industry's professional PR campaign to discredit the DAPL protests and delegitimize linking of the Sioux with the broader world community.

Opponents of the Iraq war, no matter who they were or how many 100s of thousands or millions they marched in the streets, were hippie punched as if they were raving loons.
Nov 27 cracked commented on Army Corps Says It Will Break Up Standing Rock Camp by December 5, Proposes "Free Speech Zone" Instead.
@10 Oh, and furthermore, the feds won't have the budget constraints that have brought North Dakota, despite help from police outside the state, to the limit of their ability to help the pipeline industry with DAPL.
Nov 27 cracked commented on Army Corps Says It Will Break Up Standing Rock Camp by December 5, Proposes "Free Speech Zone" Instead.
The federal government is empowered to enforce federal law. And unlike the local law enforcement bodies that have been coming from all over to help their comrades in N.D., the federal law enforcement agencies don't have to rely on surplus military equipment from the federal government to militarize themselves and their enforcement. They can get the good stuff.

#17 well said. Just want to emphasize that civil police includes federal civil police, although I believe local civil police can enforce some federal laws within the limits of their jurisdictions.

Anyway, this is one of the things I kept trying, and failing, to explain to Trump voters, 3rd party voters, and not voting voters. The executive branch can't make law, but it has immense control over how it deploys the violent forces of the federal government internationally - and domestically. Obama has the legal power and political legitimacy to hold off on violent action by federal forces regarding DAPL.

Obama will be doing Trump and pipeline developers a huge HUGE favor if he directs the forceful, even violent, clearing of the protesters and stopping from hampering the physical progress of the pipeline's construction. Any violent action on this scale by the newly installed Trump administration would galvanize both opposition to his administration and to pipelines in general.

Unfortunately, already economically unviable coal not withstanding, helping the energy industry extract and move product has been an under-reported tenet of the Obama administration. Wouldn't surprise me if he did come to their rescue here. (There is lots more to be discussed about Obama's reasoning and motivation in wanting to legitimize the incoming Trump administration, but we'll have plenty of time to discuss that as we watch it play out in real time in other areas)
Nov 27 cracked commented on Army Corps Says It Will Break Up Standing Rock Camp by December 5, Proposes "Free Speech Zone" Instead.
"If you move your camp to the [ free speech zone ] we will give you blankets and food." Where have I heard that before?

Hey, I hear the new Texas high school US History books changed the wording on WW II Japanese-American "internment camps" to "Japanese Free Speech Zones."
Nov 17 cracked commented on Hillary Clinton Tells Supporters to Keep Believing In America.
I remember this phase after my Nader vote. Lasted at least three years. Blaming all the subsequent distaster on Gore's lack luster personality and campaign mistakes. In the end, I stopped lying to myself.
Nov 17 cracked commented on Kshama Sawant and the Socialist Alternative Should Not Lead the Anti-Trump Protests.
@65 It was, in reality, a binary ELECTION. Changing the binary nature of our politics, if even possible, would/will require painstaking organizing and buidling up local and regional power through governing. Shock Doctrine party building has never worked for the socialist left in the post WW II age, and it wont work this time either. Too bad you weren't willing to do the real work at the local and state level, to get more than ONE member of your party serving in government, getting real things done.
Nov 17 cracked commented on Kshama Sawant and the Socialist Alternative Should Not Lead the Anti-Trump Protests.
@65 I get what you are saying. You and Sawant believe that Trump winning will lead to a better outcome, and that you have the answers for the likely worsening problems.

At least most idiots like me who voted for Nader didn't in the end say the resulting Iraq war showed how necessary Nader's awesome plans were. Eventually, I gave up blaming Gore for not running a better campaign - one which would have succeeded in offsetting the foolishness of voters like me. So, I guess I shouldn't be casting blame around this time. I just wish more people had got that lesson, instead of wallowing in the warm glow that is amorphous Clinton Derangement Syndrome. Emails? Sheesh.
Nov 17 cracked commented on "Awash in False Conspiracy Theories and Petulant Immaturity, Liberals Put Trump in the White House".
@107 I voted for Nader and for several years after I blamed Gore's loss on selected campaign mistakes, but in the end I just admitted to myself that I had just fucked up. I played are part in all the subsequent war and destruction, and missed opportunity to address climate change earlier. But you've reminded me of that and it has taken some of the fire out of my anger. We probably did a poor job of making that argument to our friends and associates. But damn it. Many of THEM were there then too. Perhaps none of us, including the candidate, believed in our hearts that Trump could win, so we played a lot of psych games.

Anyway, appreciate your linking to that Huffpost piece. I think you would have more success getting people to read it without the confusing sarcastic paragraph. Since it is hard for me also to avoid making all my comments as pure sarcasm, I've been going out of my way to say things directly - even though it makes counter-argument easier.