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Jul 3 cracked commented on City Light CEO Apologizes for String of Embarrasing Fuckups.
What @6 saide and:

I don't get why he had to apologize for asking for what he thought the market value of his services was or what he thinks they are worth. It's not like he's a frickin' bank ceo and sits on a bunch of interconnected corporate boards all deciding eachother's salaries while they buy politicians to implement policies that help them but that are gutting the middle class.

We don't have to pay him that salary, but there is nothing evil about him asking or accepting a raise. This is really odd to me that this is a big issue, but then I still think we'd be better off if we DID pay for an expensive chef and awesome food for the congresspersons in DC.
Jul 2 cracked commented on Union Activists Call Bullshit On Forward Seattle's Anti-$15 Minimum Wage Signatures.
@15 You really believe the American Middle Class was built on the backs of the lowest paid workers and its current important enemy is the lowest paid worker wanting to be paid more? Damn, what a fantasy world your ideology has built for you!!
Jun 27 cracked commented on Two Drinks A Day Makes a Man A Heavy Drinker.
@5 I haven't had alcohol in 32 years, and I look older than my years. Honestly. Is there a correlation?
Jun 26 cracked commented on Why and How Thomas Piketty's Book Established a New Form of Literary Criticism: Part One.
@1 Yup, Stalin's Russia and North Korea are the bench marks for a just society. Way to set the bar. As long as it's not as bad as Stalin's Russia, its all good!
Jun 21 cracked commented on Guest Editorial: A Victory in the Long War Over Seattle Math Education.
@41 How can a student do more homework practice when the curriculum doesn't provide examples of how to solve the problems? How can you grade on whether they can kick the ball at the end of a specific period of practice, when you are hiding the ball much of the time? In a public school setting this method only works for kids who would do well in math no matter what the curriculum. Since public school teachers DO NOT have extra time to give individual kids every day, the curriculum must have a degree of clarity and self-containment that a student who really wants to try can continue to work on it outside the classroom.
Jun 21 cracked commented on Guest Editorial: A Victory in the Long War Over Seattle Math Education.
@29 Fuck you. My kid was tortured by Connected Mathematics in middle school here in Seattle, as have many many others. What useless crap. It actually inhibited learning math AND English, because the way it is put together intentionally works against clarity of communication. And it you don't get it in a class with 30 students, there is simply no way to work more on your own, because the books are not intended as references for any part of the contents. If you can't say you have a kid with difficulties in math who thrived under this curriculum, then you don't know shit.

What I loved was the instruction I found online in the handbook for teachers from the makers of Connected Mathematics on how to work against parents who complained, because the parents would complain and, of course, must be wrong.
Jun 20 cracked commented on How Nick Kristof Gets People to Care About Victims Who Are Sometimes Liars.
@14 Or, to put that a different way, you are more concerned about my misspelling a name by one letter in a block comment thread than you are about someone refusing to correct a blatantly fraudulent story because it would impact their ability to raise money from well meaning wealthy people for a good cause? The first is about as inconsequential an issue as one can find to comment on in this life. The second is a serious ethical quandary impacting thousands of people, or even hundreds of thousands...
Jun 20 cracked commented on How Nick Kristof Gets People to Care About Victims Who Are Sometimes Liars.
@14 Spelling? That is your priority? C'mon man.

You make the guy look bad with your defense.

First of all, have some of the spokescows and chickens been lying about their history to help them raise money?

Second, you didn't say anything to refute my main point. Half the Sky is the most well known, and best organized, activity he has engaged in the past 15 years, the Half The Sky Movement. Go to their "Act" page.


Jun 19 cracked commented on How Nick Kristof Gets People to Care About Victims Who Are Sometimes Liars.
@12 P.S. The sad thing is that the work Mam was doing was truly beneficial for the individual people she was helping. But wasn't a functional organization for large scale social change. Celebrity pressure just made the whole thing blow up in a way that had nothing to do with her individual work.

And the whole Half-the-sky thing just tastes like a fundraising pitch. I understand that if it was trying for more fundamental change, the countries wouldn't even let him in, but still, it feels shallow.
Jun 19 cracked commented on How Nick Kristof Gets People to Care About Victims Who Are Sometimes Liars.
The problem with Kristoff is that his approach works to raise money for small scale support organizations, but fails utterly on the big picture because he refuses to challenge neocolonial internal and external economic and political relationships. He can't challenge the dominant economic models because it would cut off his access to the rich people who respond to individual stories like Mam's. These places need political change most of all, not a band-aid on neocolonial and post-war societal brakedown.

Also, because he is so monofocussed on a narrow aspect of the problem much of the time, it can have messed up outcomes, like happened when his celebrity driven movement (he actually calls it the Half-The-Sky Movement) pressured foreign governments and NGOs to squeeze the Cambodian government to do something about sex trafficking and slavery. The end result was that the Cambodian military and police raided ALL the brothels and imprisoned the prostitutes, regardless of their involuntary or voluntary status.

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