Jan 13 cracked commented on About Trump's L.L. Bean Tweet.
@15 pretty close, because he policies literally threaten the short and long term health and safety of me and other family and friends whom I love - AND that was very clear during the campaign. It is quite amazing that you apparently still believe his and the GOP's current objectives are benign.
Jan 12 cracked commented on WTF Does Rudy Giuliani Know About Cybersecurity? Trump Thinks Much.
@4 and@6 Still don't have the guts to start up Das Reich Washington, huh? Lazy cowards.
Jan 5 cracked commented on Centrist Democrats Using Putin and Russian Hackers To Maintain Control of Their Party.
@15 Yeah, people who want health care and money to retire on are elitists!

The thing Charles doesn't fully register is how surreal it is to see authoritarians like you kissing up to Vladimir Putin and Julian Assange, while supporting someone who is directly renting rooms to foreign delegations in competition with other hotels - while in the presidency. You don't have much fig leaf left to hide your priority of white authoritarianism over honesty, the country, and the constitution. You will trade away anything if you think it will harm the people you hate. Really, you guys should band together to publish Das Reich Washington, so you can have your own special regional bloggy newspaper.
Jan 5 cracked commented on Centrist Democrats Using Putin and Russian Hackers To Maintain Control of Their Party.
@10 and @11 The population is more economically illiterate than it was 30 years ago, but you imagine there is this vibrant mass of leftist energy waiting to be unleashed as a political force. You build a movement by organization and showing you can get things done. Sawant and the SA could have had $15/hr front and center nationally and taken credit for it (!!), allowing them to make some big organizational gains. But they that isn't happening now, is it? At best, they believed their own hype about the fix being in for Clinton and ended up having to own their rhetoric that there isn't any difference between Clinton and Trump. You may not need ACA healthcare or Social Security, but my family does. We are going to be seriously hurt, but you are going to call me a right wing centrist incrementalist because I didn't believe we'd be better off with chaos and suffering as a bridge to improvement?

You own this. You are the ones who told people it didn't matter, but you haven't go the guts now to explicitly say, "Rejoice, the Trump presidency is the best of all possible scenarios!"
Jan 3 cracked commented on Buffy the Psych Prof: Someone You Should Follow On Twitter.
Probably time for The Stranger to give up on blog comments, too.
Jan 1 cracked commented on White Nationalist Lands $250,000 Book Deal.
Holy Cow! Where did this anti-American licker of shit covered Russian boots come from? Definitely too literate to be Trump himself - and likely too literate to be an American-born right wing boot-licker. Is Putin now unleashing ALL his English-proficient sock puppets onto the comment threads of every alt-weekly so his cowardly Trump-voting slaves can worship their "sweet whispers?"
Dec 22, 2016 cracked commented on The Morning News: Law Enforcement Officers Booted From Cheesecake Factory for Carrying Guns, Boeing Promises Trump Cheaper Air Force One.
@1 Hey, I keep telling you guys. You should put your time, energy, and resources where your mouth is and relaunch "Das Reich" as a regional newspaper here in WA. Have some pride in yourselves! Don't be parasites. Why are you wasting your time and intellect slumming with us untermenschen?
Dec 21, 2016 cracked commented on Bill O'Reilly: Abolishing the Electoral College Is The Left Taking Power From Whites.
@16 They've been at it so long that I don't think it is so much pandering to a white racist populace as it is encouraging, fostering, strengthening, and expanding a white racist populace.