Feb 2 cracked commented on Seattle Times' Treatment of Musician Hollis Wong-Wear Is a Perfect Example of #JournalismSoWhite.
That word doesn't fit the relationship even a little bit. The choice of "sidekick" rather than "collaborator" or something like that shows how deeply embedded the stereotype is - in marginalizing the musician the writer even chooses the exact word that is used as the name of the stereotype. Asians can be assistants, but never equal partners.
Jan 27 cracked commented on Let's Talk About Hillary Without Being "Catty".
catty has a little bit of the bitchy in it

use of these words to describe a man would definitely be construed as suggesting a hint or more of "the gay"

Jan 22 cracked commented on Hillary Clinton Sure Has Been Mean to Bernie Sanders Lately.
Waiting for my Coates article on Hilary Clinton and reparations....
Jan 22 cracked commented on X-Files' Gillian Anderson Was Paid Half of What David Duchovny Made (And Then the Studio Tried to Do It Again!).
@3 Wow, with this 2nd comment you really resolved any doubt about whether judybrowni's assessment of you based on @1 was correct.
Jan 21 cracked commented on Why Didn't Bernie Sanders Get the Human Rights Campaign's Endorsement?.
@34 HRC is a lobbying and organizing organization. Planned Parenthood is primarily a direct provider of reproductive and other health services to women and families. Only 15% of their spending goes toward non-medical services such as sex education and public policy work.

If you aren't just repeating GOP talking points, I think you will find it very interesting to learn more about PP and their history.
Jan 19 cracked commented on A Few Bernie Sanders Victories Could Be Just What Hillary Clinton Needs.
BTW re @12. I was an Obama supporter over Clinton.
Jan 19 cracked commented on A Few Bernie Sanders Victories Could Be Just What Hillary Clinton Needs.
Personally, I kind of like her. I think there are a lot of people who do. It would give me great pleasure to see her come out on top after 40 years of resisting the beat down by men who want to see her keep to her place.

However, given the problems we face ( by that I mainly mean climate change catastrophe ), I just don't see her breaking whatever promises she has made to the big energy industry to get where she has gotten. I would guess Sanders has made fewer promises in that direction and so has a somewhat higher likelihood of attacking the problem head on. Of course, we don't really know what promises Sanders has made, but if he has a shot at winning, then I am leaning strongly in that direction for my primary vote and am very close to trying to find some money to send him now too.
Jan 15 cracked commented on Cliff Mass Is Wrong About the Carbon Tax and Seattle's Liberals.
I like this post Charles.
Jan 15 cracked commented on Jimmy Fallon Doing Bob Dylan Doing "Hotline Bling" Is AMAZING.
Fallon is fucking brilliant.