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Oct 16 Tingleyfeeln commented on A Majority of Our City Council Is at a Swanky Resort With the Seattle Chamber of Commerce.
There's the old saying about keeping your friends close and enemies closer. I think she could have served us better, offered some much needed dissent, and maybe even disrupted proceedings or seen corruption in action if she had gone. Her absence here is nothing more than grandstanding and self righteous posturing.
Ms. Sawant, please do not turn down another opportunity to engage corruption at the moment it is likely to occur.
Oct 9 Tingleyfeeln commented on Watch Jess Spear and Frank Chopp Debate Each Other for 15 Minutes.
Fruit, I'm casting my vote for Spear knowing she won't win. I'm voting for her knowing that if elected she would be ineffective. This is a protest to light a fire under the democrats. This is a protest to demand more equitable taxation, and to raise the standards for tax breaks given to the wealthy.
Corporate tax breaks need to show some benefit to the community as well as the state.
Tax breaks for employees should be tied to those jobs paying adequately for the cost of living in the communities near the job.
As for the rent issue that Spear is running on, I think it is time for the "adults" in the room to develop regional growth plan that increases the housing supply. This is far more likely than overturning the states constitutional ban against rent control.
Oct 9 Tingleyfeeln commented on Watch Jess Spear and Frank Chopp Debate Each Other for 15 Minutes.
@ 10 & 4, candidates like Spear emerge as a protest due to what is not being seriously addressed by the mainstream. The democrats are hamstrung in many districts by a fear of losing to the republicans, and it has shown in their policy.
Chopp is a mixed bag. He's done some good stuff, but he also cowed with nary a word of protest to Boeing and other corporate interests, which is precisely why we need Spears candidacy.

This election is exactly why, when discussing campaign reform, we need to not only discuss financial contributions, but the whole structure of our elections. We need competition opened up to at least 2 more parties, we need a second election available for run-offs, and we need to shorten the campaign season (this applies more to federal elections. Tired of hearing about who is running for prez in 2016 while the "lesser" elections get ignored?).
Oct 3 Tingleyfeeln commented on The Monorail Study Campaign, Which Wants Us to Trust It With Public Money, Can't Even Show Up As Expected to Our Endorsement Meeting.
If you think the monorail is too expensive, why don't you ponder how much it costs to dig tunnels.

The monorail did not die because it was a bad idea. It died because the politicians business backers could not make enough money from it. A train that does not get into accidents will not need replacement cars, so the train co. loses profits there. The tires will only need to be replaced about twice a century, so no windfall for the tire company.

It's still the better technology. Grade separated. Costs less to build. Less disruptive to other traffic during construction. Less of an eyesore once built than light rail. And conventional minded, corporate owned politicians will have none of it.

If there had been any leadership at city hall, the project would have been given to Sound Transit with a mandate to get it built. All we get from city hall is business as usual, and when we get people in office who aren't insiders the Seattle Times and local TV do everything they can to run them out of town.
Sep 25 Tingleyfeeln commented on Metro for the Poor and Link for the Middle Class?.
@2, we voted yes 4 times to build a grade separated city wide rapid transit system. But opposition from the political & media establishment, and inability/unwillingness to play politics on the part of the visionaries colluded to make the plan fail.
Think about what this city and region did to itself by killing the monorail the next time you're stuck in traffic. It was cheaper and quicker to build than digging tunnels, and less obtrusive to the eye than elevated light rail. And our politicians fucked it up.
Aug 28 Tingleyfeeln commented on Kid Comes Out, Family Disowns Him.
And I hope he has great friends who can help him out. Those first couple of years after leaving an oppressive environment can be rough.
Aug 28 Tingleyfeeln commented on Kid Comes Out, Family Disowns Him.
That was awful. The shitty character his family showed says a-lot abou why, despite being heterosexual, I have always believed in equality for gays.
Before I knew much about gays other than the fact they existed, before I knew any open gays, I knew that people who would shun someone over this are pieces of shit.
Aug 26 Tingleyfeeln commented on SDOT Director Nominee Scott Kubly: "War on Cars" Narrative Doesn't Reflect Reality.
@2, we need anything in many neighborhoods that doesn't get stuck in traffic. Lets get off this light rail fixation and consider all the options. What matters is not being stuck in traffic, having a high capacity, running in a timely manner, and if a tie breaker is needed, the best bang for our buck.
Aug 21 Tingleyfeeln commented on St. Louis Police Killed Kajieme Powell in a Barrage of Bullets.
@5, it was Reagan who refunded many mental institutions, which is why we have so many wackos on the street, yet none of the legitimate problems with our handling of mental illness have not been solved.
Aug 21 Tingleyfeeln commented on St. Louis Police Killed Kajieme Powell in a Barrage of Bullets.
The important thing in this video is the man telling the cops "shoot me now"! This was suicide by cop! And for the first time, despite its poor execution (no pun intended), this may have been suicide by cop as an act of protest. If you're going to do it as an act of protest, do it right, with your hands up, make it so that if/when they shoot you they are more clearly shown for what they are.
The police have too much wiggle room here, and all the rest of us can do is point out ways they could have approached the situation better (often legitimate suggestions).

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