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  • Why are people so afraid to learn the truth about building 7?: It's kind of like the Total Perspective Vortex from Hithchikers Guide to the Galaxy, if you look into it you will go mad.
  • What is your sweetest taboo?: Meet me for drinks and find out
  • What song do you never want to hear again?: When I See You Smile
  • What piece of art would you steal?: Anything from Chihuly, he has enough money already.
  • Poneman or Pavitt

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Jul 15 Tingleyfeeln commented on If There Can Be Six Californias, There Could Be Two Washingtons.
How about a state level equivalent of a so-autonomous zone for "pugetopolis"?
Jul 9 Tingleyfeeln commented on Today Washington Tackled One Drug Bogeyman—So What's Next?.
Start with simple decriminalizing of possession.

Not likely since our state only seems motivated by what it can make money from.

@10, this should apply to prostitution as well. There shouldn't be fake ads of cops posing as ho's. If they are not causing a public disturbance, are of age, and not being exploited, leave everyone involved alone.

This all comes from our nations Puritan heritage. Should we continue to follow a set of values established by a group of people who promoted a very narrow set of morals?
Jul 9 Tingleyfeeln commented on Rachel Maddow Shreds Tucker Carlson.
@2, that is a great question.
Jul 8 Tingleyfeeln commented on Hillary Clinton Does Not Have All the Right Answers.
Most important, it is shameful and fatiguing that we are talking about potential 2016 candidates in 2014. It's even worse that we've practically coronated a winner.
This nation needs better than another pro Wall Street pseudo-liberal.
Jul 5 Tingleyfeeln commented on Tonight in Music: Steely Dan, Aan and the Notwist!.
They are, after all, the best band named after a sex toy from a William Burroughs book!
Jul 3 Tingleyfeeln commented on After Darwin, Lamarck: New Evidence That Bad Memories Can Be Genetically Transmitted.
I don't think this dismisses gene mutation, it offers a possible explanation for the cause of gene mutation.
I've contemplated for years the role of ancestral experiences in our lives. On a personal level, this idea is about the only explanation I've been able to come up with for some of my characteristics that seem out of line with my up ringing.
As for the competing theories of evolution, lets not have this turn into a rehash of the old "nature vs. nurture" argument. Lets save the black and white thinking for the less evolved among us.
Jun 26 Tingleyfeeln commented on How to Stop the Stupid Debate About Taxpayer Dollars Funding "Sex Change" Surgeries.
@11, one thing I have yet to hear about is someone who goes through with this changing their mind. Have you met someone who regretted their sex change? Have you read about someone who changed their mind?
Closest I can think of is a friends teenage sister in law who briefly contemplated becoming a man. She sorted it out and realized she liked being female.
Jun 26 Tingleyfeeln commented on How to Stop the Stupid Debate About Taxpayer Dollars Funding "Sex Change" Surgeries.
I have to admit I've been on the dense about tax funding for this. To be honest, the groups who are against it are the biggest reason I'm OK with it. And this article has made me even more OK with it.
But to be honest, as someone who has never dealt with this issue, and doesn't feel close enough to the TG people in my life (professional relations, and im bery happy to work with them) to ask them to help me understand it better, it sometimes comes off as frivolous, especially in light of the other healthcare issues that aren't being addressed.
Personal doubts about tax funding for gender reassignment surgery is truly the worst I have to say about TG's. Whatever drives someone to change their gender is something I've never experienced, I've never known someone who felt this way before they made the change, and at the end of the day, it is nothing that will sway my regard for a person for better or worse.
Jun 25 Tingleyfeeln commented on How Do You Like Your Metro-Saving Taxes: Progressive or Regressive?.
I wouldn't be surprised if there's something in the city charter preventing this, but why not have our property taxes pay for part of this?
Has anything else in the city budget been considered for a cut, with funds diverted to transit?
How about eliminating some tax breaks?
Spread the increases around a little.

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