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Oct 18 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on City Council Delays Vote on Capping Rental Move-In Fees.
Dear Leader does not appreciate being asked to wage a thoughtful campaign for change -- she demands it now and will call upon her heckling army to disrupt all hearings where she does not get her way. Is it me, or have recent Council chamber activities driving toward moderate policies shocked Dear Leader, to the extent that she gets a sour face? I'm watching all this with glee.
Sep 13 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Civilian Watchdog to Seattle Police: Stop Telling Crime Victims to Meet with Burglars.
We need more police, pure and simple. This is getting ridiculous. And yes, we need a larger precinct HQ to hold them, but not at Taj Mahal pricing.
Sep 7 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on New Poll Shows Pramila Jayapal Leading Brady Walkinshaw in Congressional Race.
I just can't shake this uneasy feeling caused by the sudden appearance of "Piñero" on his campaign signs. It just registers as clumsy pandering to me, especially since it isn't used anywhere else in his official materials that I can find. Something about it just feels too "politician." And yeah yeah I know...he's got every right to use his full name. So where has that full name been forever?
Sep 7 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Two Artists Are Giving Out “Gentrification Citations” To Local Businesses, Including Uncle Ike's.
The inconsistent usage of initial capitalization in that flyer has my eyes bleeding.
Sep 2 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Mayor Murray, Homeless Advocates Clash on Proposal to Curb Encampment Sweeps.
I'm waiting for the day when someone at The Stranger walks out their door, looks around, and has to admit to themselves: This city is in the shitter - maybe we need to try a different approach.
Aug 24 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Mayor Ed Murray Names Seattle's New Top Homelessness Official.
I wonder which Council member will call for his head first.
Aug 24 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Hey Bernie Bros, "Revolution" Is Not the Best Way to Structure a Political Movement.
@2 - I can introduce you to at least a dozen Sanders supporters who believe(d) "revolution" meant exactly that; nothing more and nothing less. That bonehead Sarandon was a spokesperson for "let's blow it all up and start from the wreckage."

@7 - Um, "bro" is almost universally understood to refer to young males. Christopher was spot on in using that term, based on your own argument about Bernie's core supporter demographics.
Aug 24 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Gordito’s Reopens After Greenwood Explosion, But Residents Remain in Limbo.
Obviously, in a homeless emergency, this kind of red tape keeping the man out of his home should be waved away with the sweep of His Honor's hand. But, umm, yeah.
Aug 10 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Paul Allen Announces Upstream, a Huge SXSW-Style Music Fest/Summit in Pioneer Square for May, 2017.
What about our homeless neighbors in Pioneer Square? What will be the impact to their quality of life?