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Nov 18 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Pop Departures Challenges Our Deepest Belief Systems.
When I got home from seeing that exhibit, I had to make a baked potato with lots of sour cream.
Nov 18 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on How Tacoma Art Museum Criticizes a Collection Without Angering the Donors.
It always amazes me when people don't read the commentary next to works of art. Excepting the most banal and/or over-the-top examples, they always teach me something I didn't know.
Nov 18 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Death to Self-Checkout Machines.
@19 has stated everything I cared to state and I thank COMTE for that favor.
Nov 8 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Imagine a Columbia Center Packed with Micro-Apartments.
I wouldn't want to live on the floor under the fish ball factory. And this post plays right into the horror stories of Communism that my father regaled me with in my youth...the profound disregard for the individual. Maybe he was right. No like.
Nov 8 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Comedian Brett Hamil Goes on the Record.
Brett's awesome! Half of my artwork is in frames he made when he was still at Museum Quality! Good luck!
Oct 27 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on I Got a Job at the Seattle Times, Which Means I'm Leaving The Stranger.
You were and are, first and foremost, a writer; one of the best in town. Thank god that won't change just because you're changing employers. Good luck - you're wonderful!
Oct 24 Jubilation T. Cornball commented on Shooting at Pilchuck High School in Marysville; Two Reported Dead.
The NRA has officially won, at least where I am concerned. While I feel terrible for the parents and other kids, I'm not rushing online to sign petitions, tweet my outrage, call people to action to fight guns...in short, everything I did the dozens of other times this shit has gone down over the past several years. Because nothing will ever fucking change and these children died in vain. That thought alone has me too depressed to say much more than this post right here. I'm just going to quietly hope I don't get shot someday. If that makes me a coward, loser, surrender monkey...so be it. I just don't have any more energy to bang my head on this brick wall.

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