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Sep 2 jt commented on The Morning News: Uber Pushback, Russia Continues to Invade Ukraine, and Detroit Descends Deeper into Bankruptcy.
@5, thanks for playing, but no. This is about deep, profound misogyny and collusion by police officers. There's no way in hell cops are afraid enough of being called "PC" to allow an 11 year old to be raped repeatedly.
Aug 18 jt commented on White Musicians Who Make Loads of Money From Black Culture Have Nothing to Say About Ferguson?.
@17, did you just say that white americans and black americans live in a different country? because that's the problem right there. we do and we shouldn't.

Big shot entertainers are, for better or worse, leaders. They can amplify a message. I'd like a single one of you to say that he's had no impact on the conversation around marriage equality in this country.

It's a shanda that he hasn't said a word.
Jul 31 jt commented on Protesters Block Downtown Oil Train Tracks; Legislative Candidate Jess Spear Arrested.
@1, there was a tanker truck accident on I-5 near Georgetown, with about a half dozen cars pulled over and a bunch of people on the shoulder, at about 9am
Jul 19 jt commented on Interim Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Named.
@7, can you clarify?
Jul 18 jt commented on The Friday Morning News.
@22, ugh.
Jul 8 jt commented on The Morning News: Seattle Gets Its First Pot Store, The Middle East Continues to Explode, and a Seahawk Strips for the Camera.
The tv trucks were out in force last night because RATS! I'm sure KIRO has somehow connected it to violent homeless heroin addicts somehow.
Jun 25 jt commented on Former Mars Hill Member Writes About Pastor Mark Driscoll's "Demon Trials".
@32, that's really distressing. Do they get any state or federal money?

@33, everything leads to death, you silly.
Jun 25 jt commented on Morning News: The Trans Issue Is Out! Also Stuff About $15, Sports News, Science News, and the Kind of Assholes Who Ban Cake.
And half the time it's those shitty grocery store cupcakes with the frosting that's made out of lipstick leftovers. And it's a pain in the ass for the parents (usually moms).
Jun 24 jt commented on Former Mars Hill Member Writes About Pastor Mark Driscoll's "Demon Trials".
I wonder how you distinguish 'lying' from 'habitual lying'. If there's one thing the good pastor's been missing, it's a competent editor.

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