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Jul 22 south downtown commented on WATCH: Dave Meinert Shoved in Parks Meeting Melee! (Or Something!).
When will the Stranger feature a column with a political issue and Anna can wax naively on it as she does with those old records. Oh wait, she already does with everything she writes...
Jul 21 south downtown commented on Jazz and Classical Musicians Gripe About Pitiful Trickles of Money from Streaming Services.
yup, for crissakes, dumb it down for the masses. vapid music is far more popular...
Jul 19 south downtown commented on What Are You Doing This Weekend? Here Are Suggestions From Our Critics.
Would love to hear Mudede elaborate on Molotch's growth machine thesis and the role therein of The Stranger and their neo-liberal pro-development rantings.

Perhaps best explained as the repetition of urbanist folklore by naive stoned kids...
Jul 19 south downtown commented on Interview with Author Dave Zirin about the Brazil World Cup and FIFA's Corruption.
i'm pretty sure Dave opposed the sweetheart deal McGinn made for the Sonics. did you talk about that?
Jul 17 south downtown commented on Good News! Apples Are Finally More Convenient!.
and while we're at it, what's up with Costco selling apples (and fucking movie tickets) in clamshell packaging.

too much plastic, people!
Jul 4 south downtown commented on Morning News: Zombie George Washington, NPR WTF, Rich Asshole RIP.
"Up 6% around here. A house in Seattle will set you back a half a million dollars these days. So families and working people will continue to be priced out of Seattle until we rezone huge chunks of the city (more than 70% of Seattle is zoned for single-family housing), embrace building taller buildings (a la Vancouver, B.C.), and shrink the city by building light rail to all corners. If you're against all of that, you don't get to whine about house prices because you are part of the problem."

seems to me that all those people whose house you want to bulldoze might be against that. (the half that already live in houses).

the other half, that live in higher density housing who you suggest should cheer for that so they can live in another high density unit? and btw, Dan, a taller building like Vancouver costs MORE to build and live in.

or is this more of the "build more and prices will go down" nonsense?

too much "locker room" last night, Dan?

and of course, here is Anzel yesterday lamenting just this loss of homes Dan cheers for:

"We did not, however, on this particular route, pass any of the gleaming, boxy, modern homes that keep popping up throughout the area, driving rents up and displacing longtime residents. No one with the megaphone talked about gentrification."

hooray for ideology based journalism!
Jun 25 south downtown commented on Now Open: Fourteen New Places to Try (and Two to Avoid).
i don't understand The Stranger - on the one hand you call for micro-housing that will further the gentrification of Cap Hill and scoff at the simple requirement that the units have a kitchenette, and then on the other hand lament the upscale joints that will cater to that crowd that has to and can afford to eat out in upscaled restaurants.

And you cheer for less (or NO) parking requirements for development and then weep for restaurants that will suffer from inadequate parking supply.
Jun 22 south downtown commented on This Weekend's Nightmare Traffic: Why Won't Our Leaders Build Light Rail Faster?.
In Seattle between beginning of 2012 and of 2013 (2 years) we added just shy of 9,000 new housing units.

In the one year period between July 2012 and July 2013 we added 7,000 more auto registrations.

To make matters worse, much of the new housing is built without parking and also without any impact fees that could help improve our public transit infrastructure.

It's no surprise we have a car problem and a transit problem - we're giving the candy store away to developers - most who don't live in the area or give a shit...
Jun 5 south downtown commented on Ezra Klein on Global Warming.
we're not fucked. we're going to be carbon neutral by 2050! we're moving the needle!

and we have density!

so fuck everyone else. and pass the dutchie...
Jun 4 south downtown commented on Hope and Climate Change! Washington State to Cut Carbon Emissions by 72 Percent.
@15 yup. and Seattle only "buys" the electricity from hydro - so we locally "look" good.

what's eff'd up about all this is that we, ol' pat-ourselves-on-the-back "boldly climate neutral by 2050" Seattle, are so lucky to be hydro - something that is available to only a fraction of the U.S.

we in our smugness, and snail's pace climate action, can only do this with a massive head start and a lot of phony accounting.


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