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Nov 14 south downtown commented on The Best New Work of Architecture in South Seattle Isn't for the Living but the Storage of Stuff.
That building is a disaster and shows how eff'd up Charles' bona fides are in regards to the so-called "urbanist" label he so proudly wears on his sleeve.

For crissakes, you have to be kidding that you think that is a good looking building.

As pointed out above, the building is a design disaster -- and how the hell that monstrosity made it through Design Review is a testament to how mismanaged by DPD that program is. Clearly the DR Board that looked at that project is incompetent or at a minimum just doesn't give a shit about the urban environs they are creating for poor people in the "most racially diverse zipcode in the US".

And simply this project is the worst form of "urban" usage one could envisage for an area that perhaps could be a real urban hub. And that shit should have been the theme for Charles opine - not the design of the building.

So instead, where the City has targeted density and "urbanism", we instead build a paean to excess consumerism, hording and tiny houses. (which also shows how screwed up the land use code is and just how whack the unfettered-development/no-zoning-rules mantra spewed by the likes of "Smart" Growth Seattle really is, since this stupid idea is a great free-market idea to them).

But what the heck, maybe Charles will be the next ex-Stranger writer so we don't have to be subjected to such a steady stream of ridiculous pontification...
Nov 7 south downtown commented on Imagine a Columbia Center Packed With Micro-Apartments.
Charles would be happy in Kowloon, apparently...


(or happy if YOU lived and worked in Kowloon)
Nov 5 south downtown commented on What Everyone Who Runs City Hall Secretly Thinks.
geez. good riddance.

her analysis of City Hall is just as bad as her review of old LPs...
Nov 3 south downtown commented on Lunchtime!.
yeah, but Portland doesn't have DENSITY and fucking out-of-control RENTS. and i bet sandwiches down there aren't $9.50...
Nov 3 south downtown commented on The Saddest Video Ever Made About Sewer Clogs.
geez, if ever a Slog Poll was needed, this is it
Oct 23 south downtown commented on Guest Editorial: Send Prop 1B, and Its Conservative Funders, Back to the Drawing Board.
@3 uh huh, there's more to that essay than what you see as "the strongest argument".

and here's more for ya:
Oct 17 south downtown commented on We Asked 12 People at the Georgetown Morgue Haunted House: How Scared Where You?.
as is the headline writer's command of the English language: "We Asked 12 People at the Georgetown Morgue Haunted House: How Scared WHERE You?"
Oct 17 south downtown commented on We Asked 12 People at the Georgetown Morgue Haunted House: How Scared Where You?.
the $20 admission fee seems terrifying
Oct 14 south downtown commented on Another View on the Mayor's Housing Task Force: Major Employers Are Underrepresented.
Y'all need to read "Urban Fortunes".

The Stranger's worldview on the matter is childish at best.

And Durning, with his "NIMBY" rhetoric, is a dolt...

Oct 13 south downtown commented on Seattle Bicycle Share Launched Today! Here's What You Need to Know..
how much has the City invested in this for-profit operation?

was there bidding and alternative models for user fees considered?

(sorry for not knowing if this has been covered before...)

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