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May 14 Algernon commented on The Morning News: Shell's Arctic Drilling Rig Arrives in Seattle Today, Uber Crashes, Lawmakers Give Themselves a Raise.
Juries in Washington don't "recommend" the penalty in capital cases; they decide it. SLOG should avoid quoting cutlines in the Seattle Times.
Mar 2 Algernon commented on Republican State Senator: Poor, "Colored" People Are More Likely to Commit Crimes.
Washington drug laws never differentiated between crack and powder cocaine.
Feb 17 Algernon commented on New Chop Suey Owners Face Pressure to Change Venue Name.
The "Management Team" of Einstein's Bagels doesn't, at least by their names, sound Jewish. The business uses fake Yiddish, e.g., schmeer. Sic, Einstein's is offensive to Jews? We demand that Einstein's change it's name to Smith's.
Feb 8 Algernon commented on If a Black Man Kills a White Cop, Can He Ever Get a Fair Death-Penalty Trial?.
Formatting is off, but contents are:

The King County Superior Court is collecting information to determine whether changes to the jury system have improved response rates and/or changed the demographics of the jury pool. Your participation is voluntary and anonymous. See the reverse for more information.
Date of Service: ______________________
1. GENDER: [ ] Male [ ] Female
2. RACE (Check one or more)
[ ] White
[ ] Korean

[ ] African-American or Black:
[ ] Vietnamese

[ ] American Indian or Alaskan Native
[ ] Other Asian

[ ] Asian Indian
[ ] Guamanian or Chamorro

[ ] Chinese
[ ] Samoan

[ ] Filipino
[ ] Other Pacific Islander

[ ] Japanese
[ ] Other (please specify below)
3. ETHNICITY (based on U.S. Census Bureau definitions)
Are you Spanish/Hispanic/Latino?
[ ] No, not Spanish/Hispanic/Latino
[ ] Yes, Mexican, Mexican American
[ ] Yes, Puerto Rican
[ ] Yes, Cuban
[ ] Yes, another Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin
(One Survey per juror please)

Not many years ago jurors were summoned from voter registration rolls only. In an effort to diversify the jury panels to better reflect the population the state included drivers’ licenses and state identification cards. In order to determine if other modifications should be attempted we are asking potential jurors to fill out this voluntary questionnaire to help establish a base line. The questionnaire is identical to the United States Census Bureau 2010 form that all households in the U.S. were asked to submit.
Jan 13 Algernon commented on Two Police Officers Who Shot and Killed Mentally Ill Homeless Man Actually Charged with Murder.
Grand juries don't acquit and, regardless of some national columnist's claim, the double jeopardy clause doesn't apply (…) . In fact, prosecutors/AGs/DAs who are dissatisfied with a grand jury's return of no true bill can present the same case to another grand jury.
Jan 8 Algernon commented on Citing Stranger Reporting, Council Members Seek to Strengthen Police Intelligence Ordinance.
When the Coalition on Government Spying submitted the current ordinance to the council at best there was DOS. The files were manila, not electronic. Amend the ordinance to include electronic data and assure that the auditor has both access and sufficient tech knowledge. The auditor should not be an unpaid volunteer. If the taxpayers can pay the salary of the head of the police guild they can pay for a part-time auditor.
Dec 3, 2014 Algernon commented on I Quit My Job at the Harvard Exit Three Weeks Ago After Working There For Seven Years. I Just Learned It’s Closing. I Will Miss It..
The Harvard Exit changed movie going in Seattle for a number of years. In the early 1970s it didn't matter what film was there: you could rely upon the theater. They showed unusual unknown films. Mr. Osteen, the owner, would speak to the audience about the film to be shown and about the next film. Sometimes there were no previews so he would show the first reel of the next film. Does anyone remember The Apple War? Randy Finley, who started Landmark, picked up on Osteen's idea and often showed other quirky excellent films until he realized the money was with Hollywood (Finley also spoke to the audience in the beginning). A burger at The DeLuxe and a film at The Harvard was a perfect evening.
Nov 14, 2014 Algernon commented on King County’s Proposed Cuts to Department of Public Defense Threatens a Crucial Safety Net.
#11 says: "should probably wait until someone is convicted before calling them perpetrators." Indeed. Perhaps The Stranger, and the same reporter, should pay attention:…
Oct 31, 2014 Algernon commented on The Morning News: A Teenage Girl on Her Cell Phone Ended Yesterday's Amber Alert in Just One Minute.
Supreme Court's rape decision is not a big deal in practice. For years the Court held that the defense had to prove consent; now the state has to disprove it. But state always had to prove forcible compulsion, so defense lawyers would try their case based upon the latter which really is the same thing, at least for purposes of rape first degree.

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