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Mar 19 Gus commented on GOP Base Forced to Choose Between an Anti-Gay/Anti-Choice Nutjob and a Straight Dude With Anger Issues.
They couldn't find an antigay/antichoice straight nutjob dude with anger issues? They had to settle?

Mar 17 Gus commented on Bank Intern Dies After Working 72 Hours in a Row.
Bank Interns really should unionize, to prevent this abuse.
Mar 5 Gus commented on Line Out Is Moving in With Slog!.
I assume Goldy was let go as part of the Line-Out/Slog merger. Mergers frequently result in layoffs.
Feb 28 Gus commented on A Baker Refused to Make Your Wedding Cake?.
Why not carve out a narrow exception from the public accommodation laws allowing private businesses to have and follow a stated policy of what religious ceremonies they will and will not participate in or assist? (And grant that weddings so commonly are religious ceremonies, that even a civil wedding would qualify)

Public servants should get no such exemption (so county clerks cannot refuse to issue licenses that are otherwise legal).

Give the bigots what they claim to want. Watch them squirm when it isn't what they really want (they really want blanket protection for their discrimination, and the anonymity to do it without offending the rest of their customers).

Feb 10 Gus commented on Two Quick Notes About This Morning's Microsoft Bus Protest.
When the upper middle class doesn't depend on public transportation, they are more willing to accept cuts in public transportation.

The Microsoft Connector buses here, and the Google buses in San Francisco, are creating a split between those who use public transportation, and those who do not (but without corporate subsidies, would). All this at the time Metro is going to have to cut routes if they cannot get funding.

If Microsoft employees were more dependent on public transportation, I think Microsoft would be more involved in helping pressure Olympia to fund the buses.
Jan 23 Gus commented on Hunter Moore Arrested.
Remember: It is wrong to hope that he is raped in jail, and that security footage of such acts ends up getting leaked to the internet.

It's wrong, but it feels so right.

Maybe someone could just digitally replace the head in some movie's jail rape scene and distribute that.
Jan 22 Gus commented on CenturyLink Says City Regulations on Utility Cabinets Hinder Broadband Upgrades.
@31: now that looks better, and if CenturyLink was installing things like that, working with local artists to fund decoration, and considered the continued upkeep of the art to be part of the cost of regular maintenance, then I think they would be able to get the required 60% of the neighbors to approve them.

No rule changes required.
Jan 22 Gus commented on CenturyLink Says City Regulations on Utility Cabinets Hinder Broadband Upgrades.
Perhaps they could make them less hideous.

I wouldn't want that thing where I could see it from my house. It's not that it's a box, it's that it's a really, really ugly box. Planting flowers around it won't help.

Yes, less hideous would be more expensive. But let's not pretend that the only solution is to put these hideous boxes around, and that the people who oppose it are holding back progress. That's just the cheapest solution.
Dec 24, 2013 Gus commented on Six Californias? We Can Barely Stand the California We've Got!.
Eastern Washington should be split off and merged into Idaho. They would be happier (they vote for Republicans, they want Republican representation), we would be happier (God, what horrible, inbred scum they are -- oh, I mean we could raise taxes to pay for core services), and it wouldn't affect the Senate.

Dec 3, 2013 Gus commented on The Morning News: Oh God, I Have to Blog About Football, a Game I Don't Even Understand.
What's wrong with Bob Dylan's hat? I think it's an awesome hat -- a traditional, wide-brimmed Croat hatin' hat.

Although, to be fair to the Croats, the Serbs are also like Nazis.

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