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Aug 9, 2013 internet_jen commented on The Most Stunning Thing Happened to Oprah Winfrey.
Charles, Lots of old folks get married in those old folks homes.

Do you not remember all those ads talking about old people during the R-74-protect civil union days??
Aug 9, 2013 internet_jen commented on The Most Stunning Thing Happened to Oprah Winfrey.
Charles, does everyone you know die at an early age? Old people get married at the drop of a hat.
Jul 8, 2013 internet_jen commented on America Still Gets Its News from TV.
Internet Radio! I'm a public radio streaming junkie
Jul 2, 2013 internet_jen commented on What Do You Think of Bottled Water Bans?.
eh, they could just not sell them on campus. And install those water spigots that fill bottles onto drinking fountains.

You were warned not to drink the water from Johnson Hall on UW campus because of the building's pluming. After the remodel in 2005 or so, they had new water fountains with those water bottle spigots. They're neat!
Jun 26, 2013 internet_jen commented on "What Should I Know Before Deciding to Move to Seattle?".
Soak in the views a bit, it is a major feature of living here. Every morning on my way to work I see two mountain ranges. Don't forget to always check to see if the mountain is out. The neighborhood streets are fairly quaint for city streets. There are still large swaths of single family dwellings with postage stamp sized yards.

There will be hills. Bodies of water obstruct transit routes. Lake Union doesn't seem that big but it gets in the way a lot.

You are visiting during the best weather time of year. You may just catch us during an arid period. But who knows what will blow in.

PNW weather is heavily influenced by water temperature of the puget sound, and the jet stream brings weather to landfall right around our latitude. When the jet stream wobbles into some especially nice warm territory it'll bring us some balmy winds any time of the year (The Pineapple Express).
Jun 12, 2013 internet_jen commented on Here's an Obscure Federal Provision That People Can Get Behind (Involving Chickpeas!).
I've been eating lentils for lunch all this month to save pennies! Week 1 was Minestrone Lentils, Week 2 has been Curried Lentils. Week 3 will be Chili Lentils/Beans. Week 4 will be frozen Minestrone, Curry, Chili leftovers. All cooked in a cock pot with a bunch of food processed veggies.

I'm pinching pennies because I found out I will have moving costs in Sept 1st. Landlord is putting the house on the market.

Jun 1, 2013 internet_jen commented on I Can't Grow Cucumbers.
I'm not so sure the roots of cucumbers like to be transplanted. Beans, squash, melons don't like that sort of thing. I don't know others off the top of my head. Try direct sewing some into a container, do not get the plant wet. Just like w/ tomatoes.
May 23, 2013 internet_jen commented on Tornadoes are Common in Oklahoma City, Basements Aren't....
We'll see how many of our houses crumble when an 'F5' earthquake hits.
May 15, 2013 internet_jen commented on Fucking NBA Rejects Kings Move to Seattle.
I'd file this one under "zzzzzzzzzzz" because stealing teams is mean.

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