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May 6 Kevin_BGFH commented on Mike Huckabee Is Not Going to Be President.
@16 - Yes, very good point about Michael Dukakis and Willie Horton. While Dukakis was supportive of the furlough program in a general sense, he had nothing specific to do with Horton's furlough. Mike Huckabee personally granted clemency to Maurice Clemmons simply because Clemmons claimed to be a good Christian. Really, that's all it takes? You don't think someone sentenced to 108 years in prison for eight felony convictions isn't also capable of a little lying about his religious beliefs? If Michael Dukakis has any culpability whatsoever in the Willie Horton case, at least in the eyes of the GOP, then Huckabee's culpability has to be a thousand times worse. And if he gets any traction in the primary race, look for anonymously funded Super PACs to start gobbling up air time with ads about Maurice Clemmons.
Apr 23 Kevin_BGFH commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Medievalist Schools Dan on Medieval Attitudes Toward Sex.
It's been many years since I've enjoyed a SLLOTD post this much. Thank you!
Apr 20 Kevin_BGFH commented on Marco Rubio: Being Gay Isn't a Choice.
Those who argue that "Loving v. Virginia" is different and shouldn't apply to same-sex marriages usually fall into one of two camps:

(1) Those who think that homosexuality is a choice and therefore not something that is constitutionally protected; or

(2) Those who think that the 14th Amendment should be narrowly interpreted to apply ONLY to race and not to gender or any other historically discriminated classes.

When Congress passed the 14th Amendment, there was a LOT of debate about the exact wording of it. Some members of Congress proposed that it be worded to specifically only be about former slaves. Some wanted it to only apply to people of African descent. Some wanted it to apply to all races, but only to race. But in the end, they quite deliberately chose language that was open and expansive. THIS WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT. The debate record shows that they specifically and deliberately not not want it to apply only to race.

Rubio has conceded point #1, and I've never seen any record of him suggesting that the 14th Amendment should only apply to race. His only comments I could find about the 14th Amendment were to say that it should not be amended to deny citizenship to anchor babies.

So in other words, he's being a dick on purpose.
Apr 13 Kevin_BGFH commented on Bill Maher: Extremists Don't Hijack Religions. Moderates Do..
Bill Maher's examples of countries that have laws to kill the gays, like Saudi Arabia and Iran, are Muslim countries, and that might let some believe that ONLY Muslim countries do this. But it bears mentioning that many other countries like Nigeria are doing this, too. Yeah, Nigeria has a large Muslim population, but it also has a slightly larger Christian population. (Christians make up about 50.8% of the population versus 47.9% who are Muslim.) And it's not Muslim extremists that are pushing the "kill the gays" legislation there. Hard core Christian extremists in the United States have been going over there to meet with Christian leaders in places like Nigeria to draft and pass these bills. Yeah, a majority of Christians in the U.S. would reject such extreme measures, but that isn't true that a majority of Christians everywhere would reject it. It's good that most American Christians reject such extremism, but that says more about the U.S. than it does about Christianity itself.
Apr 12 Kevin_BGFH commented on SL Letter of the Day: Unscrew the Pooch.
I was so confused reading this. I assumed, until halfway through, that LW was an FtM transitioning from lesbian to straight man. Had to re-read it a few times to get my head around it. Did anyone else experience confusion like that, or was it just me?
Apr 2 Kevin_BGFH commented on Going Clear Is Amazing and Depressing and You Should See It.
@24 - Your endless rant about the "correct" usage of the word "homophobia is tired, irrelevant, and incorrect.

The term phobia has both clinical and colloquial usages, and both are valid. (Just like "theory" has very significantly different meanings in scientific and non-scientific circles, yet both are valid.) In colloquial usage, phobia very often refers to "hatred or disgust of" rather than only "fear of." (One could also make a strong argument that hatred and disgust stem from fear.)

If the common usage is in the dictionary -- and the usage for "homophobia" has been for decades -- then your argument is irrelevant. And if you're parsing the etymology of a term's roots without recognizing that not all terms exactly match their root terms, you've already lost the debate.
Apr 2 Kevin_BGFH commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Our Lady of the Slots.
It's refreshing to hear from a guy who wants a FMF three way who is not only open to a MFM three-way as well, but has actually gone through with it -- and before getting the FMF one.

Maybe I'm generalizing, but most guys seem to either flat out refuse a MFM three-way, or begrudgingly accept after they got their FMF one, or only want a MFM one because they're bi, into cuckolding, etc.
Apr 2 Kevin_BGFH commented on Website Aims to Make Religious Discrimination Easier for Idiots.
@11 - But they can deny non-emergency contraception? Like ... condoms? (Which Connecticut used to ban util SCOTUS slapped them down.)

If the legislation ONLY said flowers and cakes, there would be a lot less opposition. But it doesn't. Religious conservatives always trot out flowers and cakes when their real agenda is far, far more than that.
Apr 2 Kevin_BGFH commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Gay, Bi, or Straight? Mystery Solved!.
I love it when original LWs write back with a follow-up. Thank you, JAWDROP. And I really, really love it when the subject of a letter writes in with their side. THANK YOU, absolutebottom. Also, cute pics, and I wouldn't complain if you shared even more. ;-)
Mar 27 Kevin_BGFH commented on Not Your Hotwife.
@15 - Riiight! It drives me up the wall when certain people I know spend more time looking to take offense from their allies and even their own community while totally ignoring offenses from people actively seeking to oppress them. Happens with depressing frequency.

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