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2:51 PM Kevin_BGFH commented on Matt Baume on the Raid.
@8 - I've looked it this. Nevada's laws suck and in my opinion are at least inadvertently (but more likely intentionally) homophobic.

Nevada doesn't legalize all prostitution. It legalizes brothels. But not all brothels. Counties may choose to legalize brothels, but cities within those counties can still ban them within city limits. In addition, counties with a population over 700,000 cannot allow them, a deliberate move to prohibit brothels anywhere near Las Vegas, Reno, or the state's capitol, Carson. I suspect this may be in part to reduce sex tourism -- people who travel there specifically to enjoy legalized prostitution. But it also has the effect of only legalizing female prostitution, not gay male prostitution. In theory, you could have a brothel with male workers catering to male clients, but since the brothels are only allowed in rural, redneck areas, it's not going to happen.

One approach would be to remove the 700,000 population cap so that an all-male brothel could operate closer to Las Vegas. But while I see some value in limiting it to brothels (making sure workers are tested, protected, and have access to panic buttons for emergencies, etc.), I think that many concerns could be addressed without requiring that the workers be limited to brothels any more than hair stylists and masseurs should be limited to salons and massage parlors.

So to your general point, I agree that legalization should include regulation and protection for the workers, but I'm not convinced that Nevada's model is the right approach.
2:38 PM Kevin_BGFH commented on An Email Exchange With One of the Few Women on Ashley Madison.
@7 - Pretty sure you were just being snarky, but Dan meets even Dianne Feinstein's stupidly over-stringent definition of "journalist" as much as anyone who works at the New York Times.
1:50 PM Kevin_BGFH commented on Savage Love.
While I do oppose this hacking in large measure because of the slippery slope argument (hackers with other political agendas might try to hack the records of gay dating sites, abortion providers, etc.), I do think that Ashley Madison should be sued. Not because their security measures in general weren't good enough, but because they sold a special service to completely purge the data of former users who paid a special "purge" fee, which they ended up not doing. They took money for a service they did not provide. That's not just incompetence. It's fraud.
1:42 PM Kevin_BGFH commented on Savage Love.
Here's what I don't get about the Ashley Madison hack:

The sites I've seen have databases where you enter an email address, and if it matches it shows more details about that account. I know from the Josh Duggar incident that the data includes the name and billing address of the credit card. BUT as far as I know, the name on the credit card isn't searchable, only the email address.

If you're going to cheat, WHY would you use your regular email address, the one your spouse and friends know? Why wouldn't you create a special account for free on gmail, Yahoo, or any of the other free email providers? Hell, I'm single and not cheating on anyone, and I still have a special email address for Craigslist, Fetlife, etc. that my friends don't know about. Makes it easier to compartmentalize my life.

I have tons of email addresses: one for work, one for my personal use, one for hookups, one I mostly use for sites I sign up for that I think will end up being spammy, a professional one for job hunting and similar stuff, a few for hobby side businesses that don't make any money, etc. I realize that's still a little extreme, but still, if you're going to cheat, don't you have worries that your spouse might see your email on your phone or whatever?
Aug 25 Kevin_BGFH commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Married Woman.
But maybe I'm just biased in favor of dick pics being shared. It's something I encourage.
Aug 25 Kevin_BGFH commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Married Woman.
@1 - Yes, but Dan's original article that he linked to wasn't about academic grades. It was about rounding a fraction up to 1 (as in, "she's the one"), or down to 0 (as in, "she's a big fat zero in my book").

I don't think she was snooping if her characterization of being tasked with deleting old photos is correct. I even give her a pass for trying to make sure confidential info wasn't stored in a discarded electronic device (though why not just delete the email box entirely?). But I think the rest of Dan's advice is otherwise pretty sound.
Aug 25 Kevin_BGFH commented on That Washington State Law I May Have Broken Might Be Unconstitutional.
@4 - Right? Or Photoshopping it and emailing the Photoshopped file to their boss.

@1 - That would be the proper way -- get your staff or members to sign up for absentee voting, sign the envelope, and turn over the ballot to the bossman. But I can't imagine something like that being able to happen on a wide scale in this day and age without someone spilling the beans and creating a huge media hoopla and criminal investigation. That already happens when managers send out emails with their personal endorsements without touching or seeing the employees' ballots.

@6 - Many laws only have to show that they're retaionally related to the issue they're trying to address. Because this has to do with voting, a fundamental right, I believe the threshold would be higher and you're right, in this case the law would have to be tailored more narrowly.
Aug 25 Kevin_BGFH commented on Department of Homeland Security Helps NYP Raid and Shut Down
This totally shows that the "human trafficking" argument against prostitution is a lie. Nowhere in the arrest warrant is there any allegation of human trafficking, of any coercion, of anyone participating without their consent. If anything, Rentboy -- as Dan pointed out -- helps reduce coercion by allowing escorts sell their services without using a pimp who might force them into situations they don't want, or keep them from exiting the business if they want.

Does this mean that every publisher of every weekly newspaper with "blue" ads in the back is now going to be arrested? Since when is a publisher AND THEIR ENTIRE STAFF criminally liable for the independent, offsite actions of their advertisers?

The money laundering charge seems dubious at best. It's possible that more was happening that will come to light later, but I suspect it stems solely from the idea of "bad people" using "dirty money" to do "naughty things."

This all boils down to the fact that the Rentboy company had $1.5 million in cash in the bank, and under asset forfeiture laws, the agencies that participated in this get to split that even if no one ever goes to trial or is convicted of anything. Asset forfeiture laws as currently written are a fucking scam and need to be repealed or completely revamped.

The escorts who advertised on Rentboy are at great risk of having their professional and real names released, along with other confidential information (addresses, social security numbers, etc.) But as Dan's amended post points out, the anti-gay hypocrites like George Rekers have nothing to worry about because the escorts posted their contact info and clients contacted the escorts outside of Rentboy's service.
Aug 24 Kevin_BGFH commented on Ashley Madison Hack: All Fun and Puritanical Games Until Somebody Gets Dead.
While I generally the posting of this data distasteful at best (it's a slippery slope between this and hacking the user data of gay or kink porn sites, for example), and generally agree with many of Greenwald's points here, do find him to be a fucking hypocrite for seeing nuance here but not in the indiscriminate release of classified information. Maybe some good came out of releasing some of those classified documents, but some bad has also come from turning them all over to the Russian government, and possibly the Chinese government as well. Why he couldn't be nuanced in the rest of his fucking life, too?
Aug 22 Kevin_BGFH commented on About Josh Duggar's Ashley Madison Account.
Oh my God, lying hypocrites are so stupid.

If you want to create an account on Ashley Madison or any other site you want to use to flirt with others and cheat on your wife, you don't use your REAL email address. You create a new, fake one on Google, Yahoo, or a million other places.

In Josh Dugger's case, they confirmed it was him by tracing the credit card billing address back to addresses he was connected to, and you can't fake that. But I'm under the impression that it wouldn't have been found at all except for searching by email address -- an email address that was obviously not a secret, private one.

Also, Dugger has blamed his infidelity on his porn addiction. Which is so fucking stupid. AM is a site for cheaters, not for those looking for porn. Porn doesn't cause infidelity. If anything, it might provide a release valve that might stop a guy from cheating once he's rubbed one out.

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