Sep 17, 2014 nyker commented on Savage Love.
GLC needs a 12-Step program. Like, STAT.
Aug 14, 2013 nyker commented on Savage Love.
MM: your girlfriend has Borderline Personality Disorder. RUN DON'T WALK.
Jan 15, 2013 nyker commented on Savage Love.
This was the worst column ever.
Jan 17, 2012 nyker commented on Savage Love.
Great column this week Dan!
Dec 19, 2011 nyker commented on Norway Is Suffering a Butter Shortage.
Having a hard time feeling sorry for Norway. Yeah, having no butter sucks, but if "American comedians" are making fun of it, well thats what comedians DO. Norway is a country with one of the highest GDPs, the highest quality of life, lowest infant mortality rate, and has almost no poverty or illiteracy. Not having butter is NOT a tragedy - no one is going to starve to death. We fat Americans should know. Oh yeah, and European comedians and TV shows get PLENTY of laughs at the expense of our fat, lazy American asses, so I'm going to keep laughing at Conan O'Brien's jokes. Lighten up Tommy!
Nov 8, 2011 nyker commented on Savage Love.
Lazy column this week Dan. TWO previously posted, though quite brilliant, diatribes!
Nov 2, 2011 nyker commented on It's Te Tougt Tat Counts.
Dan, we haven't heard a peep from you in 2 days, and this is your brilliant reappearance???
Oct 26, 2011 nyker commented on Queer Youth Radio.
I think this is fabulous! However, I live right near the town where this show is being produced and, like @1, I'm a little offended by the comment, "A part of the country that doesn't have a lot of resources for LGBT youth."

I know that the LGBT community, especially the youth, have a long way to go toward equality in this country, but I'm pretty sure that the resources here are better than in most other places in the country. This geographical area is very socially and politically liberal. Kids in high school suck everywhere, but I would wager a bet that LGBT kids who live here are, in general, pretty blessed when compared to kids who live almost anywhere else.

Congratulations to these kids and a pat on the back to the producers at the radio station. I'll be listening!
Oct 4, 2011 nyker commented on Savage Love Episode 259.
@1 - right on.

@3 - get over yourself. Words mean different things in context. As a woman, I have no problem with using the word "douche" as a pejorative. It's actually probably the word I utter most frequently when stuck in NYC traffic.

On a related note, I do douche. I don't use that ridiculous vinegar stuff, but I have a reusable bag and I douche with warm water when my period is over to make sure everything is squeaky clean before sex. Does that mean I'm ashamed of my vagina and think it's dirty? No, it just means I don't want to have the vaginal version of santorum all over my sheets if there's still some menstrual fluid that hasn't yet worked it's way out. I'm a bit grossed out by period sex.