Apr 13, 2010 Arkham reviewed SkyCity at the Space Needle.
How to spot fake online reviews, from The Consumerist blog:
"Here are some warning signs that an online review is being left by a shill, or shills:
The reviews:
* Have zero caveats, and are full of empty adjectives and pure glowing praise with no downsides.
* Are all left within a short period of time of each other.
* Mainly tally off product features. (Real users talk more about performance, reliability, and overall value).
* Reviewers names are all variations of one another, i.e. happykat1234, happykat7593, happykat6687"

Apr 11, 2010 Arkham reviewed SkyCity at the Space Needle.
This is a warning to anyone from out of town who might not know this restaurant is terrible. The revolving, 360 degree view is fun and beautiful but the food is grossly overpriced and, oftentimes, gross. The 29 comments posted in the last three days are a purely political response, probably by paid commenters, to a critical article posted by Bethany Jean Clement.