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Jan 20 Billy Chav commented on Live from the Occupy the Inauguration Protest at Westlake.
Yeah I remember those anti-Obama riots like it was yesterday. And in case I forget them I can always find a listicle with some unreferenced gifs to jolt my memory.
Jan 20 Billy Chav commented on Live from the Occupy the Inauguration Protest at Westlake.
Remember that time when conservatives rioted during Obama's inauguration, attacking and beating his supporters? I remember it because it happened in my mind. So of course I would remember it.
Jan 11 Billy Chav commented on The Morning News: I Guess We Need to Talk about Golden Showers.
Well now it looks almost certainly false, and that the CIA was trolled by friggin 4chan. This is what it means to be a liberal in America today: you treat every CIA anonymous insinuation as gospel, you hate Russia and are paranoid about Putin controlling the highest levels of government, and 4chan trolls are sitting back laughing at your total credulity. Nice work guys.
Jan 4 Billy Chav commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Trump Supporters Want Invite To Their Gay Wedding.
I have been resisting the temptation to call out the several narcissists I know who are more concerned that their gay marriages may at some point in the future possibly be nullified, than that Hillary has a tendency bomb the shit out of Middle Eastern countries for purely political gain. I think Dan you have finally convinced me to start shaming them for insane and, let's face it, evil views.
Dec 21, 2016 Billy Chav commented on Trump Is Dropping "Drain the Swamp".
If Trump kept using the phrase, you'd be on his case for being a loose cannon without the capacity to rein in his outbursts. Just as if Obama were opposed to TPP and Trump for it, you'd be devastated about its recent (unnoted by you) demise. Now Trump is showing obvious signs that seriously investigating Pentagon cost-overruns is high on his agenda, and I presume you'll find some way to see that as evidence that this is just another way to stick it to the poor for whom military service is the only way out of the hood.

Basically, you're a Democratic Party flack, and would still find a way to justify Democrats and vilify Republicans no matter what (at least as long as minority grievance issues continued to find their home with the Dems).
Dec 18, 2016 Billy Chav commented on The Eternal Stupidity of the Trump Christmas.
Great to see the stereotype of bitter, condescending, rootless elitism among Stranger writers hasn't been weakened by the Trump victory.
Nov 25, 2016 Billy Chav commented on Donald Trump's America: Here There Is No Why.
"The impulse to meet Republicans in the middle is what makes progressives better people on a fundamental level. It’s also a double-edged sword that they consistently use against us. The thing is that Republicans do not care about consensus. They do not care about governance. Based on their non-reaction to the Russians hacking the election they don’t even care about the sovereignty of the United States. Winning takes precedence over everything else. "

This is just silly. The only meeting in the middle progressives will do is being happy to support the neo-con/Wall Street candidate (the bizarre Wall Street/Occupy Wall Street coalition Zizek noted). Black Lives Matter, Gay marriage, transexual bathroom use, abortion rights – the whole cavalcade of social justice/identity politics issues – utterly dominate progressive concerns. And they have made it clear again and again that they won't budge on any of them.

And come on, "better people on a fundamental level"? You really can't get outside yourselves enough to see that people voted for Trump (and Brexit) because they believe globalists are an outsized threat to them, their families, their way of life? It's this naive and childish need to be the Good Ones that undergirds the tantrums and riots that progressives have indulged in all year. Did you all really care about TPP? Because it's dead, and it's dead because Trump won. For some reason though, this fact hasn't been able to penetrate the haze of prog narcissism.
Nov 9, 2016 Billy Chav commented on Update: Five People Shot Downtown Near Anti-Trump Rally. Police Say No Connection to Protest.
Where did these socialist heroes come up with enough ready money and resources to distribute thousands of pre-printed signs? Almost as if they're being funded or something. Well, not worth looking into I guess, better just to kind of report on their itinerary, you know, the real news.