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Jul 10 Billy Chav commented on Five Concrete Things You Can Do to Make Black Lives Matter.
@61, don't know why you barfed out those crime victimization stats, they're not relevant to question of crime perpetration.

Anyway, poverty is irrelevant. Compare poorest part of US (Appalachia, nearly all white) with say Chicago. You could take any region in Appalachia and any city with a sizeable poor black population and find the same thing: exceedingly low/non-existent homicide rates for former, exceedingly high ones for latter. You need a better excuse.……
Jul 10 Billy Chav commented on Seattle Police Union Blames "Minority Movement" After Dallas Shootings.
Ansel, were you a tattle-tale in school, or did you just naturally grow into it? "Oooh, we're going to tell the Mayor what you said! You're going to get in biiiiiig trouble now!!"
Jul 10 Billy Chav commented on Five Concrete Things You Can Do to Make Black Lives Matter.
This is a great Tumblr you guys have. You should get some reporters though and maybe start a news magazine or something.

Anyway, did you know that while blacks commit more than 50% of all murders annually, twice as many whites as blacks have been killed by cops so far this year? This is information I found on a news site, not on your Tumblr:…
Jul 7 Billy Chav commented on Dallas: 11 Police Officers Shot, Four Dead, Three In Critical Condition.
Why is "snipers" in quotation marks? Weird. What else would you call them? I assume there's some standard weirdo-political thing behind it but I'm fucked if I know what.
Jul 6 Billy Chav commented on Watch Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on Stage Together in North Carolina.
So now the Stranger is just pure fanboy boosterism.
Jun 14 Billy Chav commented on Hillary Crushing Trump In New Poll.
This poll is the definition of an outlier, and the 9% for Gary Johnson raises huge questions about methodology.
Jun 14 Billy Chav commented on After Standoff, Police Arrest Seattle Man Who Allegedly Threatened to Open Fire on Northgate Mosque.
Yes, Radical Christian Extremism, and yet, the worst mass murderer in American History is a gay Muslim.
May 4 Billy Chav commented on Lawyer Who Allegedly Told City Council Members to "End Themselves" Already Facing Possible Bar Suspension.
That's a lot of words for a silly and trivial incident. Almost comes across as hysterical.
May 3 Billy Chav commented on Donald Trump Wins Indiana, Will Be GOP Nominee.
@35: None of the stalwart anti-racists who vow to leave the country if Trump wins ever mention moving to Mexico, for some odd reason. It's the Canadians who'd need to build a wall.