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Oct 7, 2015 give me pom commented on Wounded by Police, the Roseburg Shooter Retreated into a Classroom to Die.
Yeah I don't care about this at this level of detail. It's like rubbernecking taken to a sad new level.
Aug 8, 2015 give me pom commented on Black Lives Matter Activists Interrupt Bernie Sanders at Social Security Rally.
What a bummer. What terrible tactics. They certainly lost me as a supporter of the movement. Don't get me wrong, I support the underlying ideas, but poor execution people. All you have done is piss on potential allies.
May 12, 2015 give me pom commented on Santorum Will Make a Splashy Announcement on May 27.
In which Matt Baume kills the Santorum joke for everyone
Dec 4, 2014 give me pom commented on Republicans Struggle to Explain Away Eric Garner's Death.
Def: tautology: a word Paul Constant has been looking for an excuse to use since he saw Andrew Sullivan do it.
Oct 22, 2014 give me pom commented on Michigan Bans Tesla Cars.
I don't even know where to begin. I can't even. I won't.
Sep 19, 2014 give me pom commented on Alibaba Is the Internet's Dystopian Future and Americans Can't Get Enough of It.
I have known that something has been wrongheaded with Paul for a long time. I just realized he is suffering from early onset crotchety-old-man syndrome. Would you prefer a world where people chose the inferior product on a regular basis, for the sake of...I dunno, is variety the ideal you are clinging to here? Everybody should be reading everybody else's little bloggy wogs? Alibaba represents in many ways the ideal you are talking about in that it can connect people from all over the world, and provide them with amazing services. And you are upset because people are getting rewarded for their ingenious creations?
Jul 18, 2014 give me pom commented on KIRO Host Dave Ross Ties Himself in Knots Trying to Defend His Participation in The Mikado.
BORED! Ok, admittedly, not at all bored. I eat this shit up. Read nearly every post, except for the obvious trolls. Still, can't find one argument here that amounts to reflexive, hateful shit flinging. I feel about as fulfilled as I do after watching an episode of Jersey Shore. Highly entertained, empty inside. And for such a highly literate group of people too...
May 26, 2014 give me pom commented on M.I.A.'s Brings the Noize (Sorta), Also the Drones.
Macklemore does offensive thing at live performance and Stranger shits collective pants, requires apology. MIA does racist thing at live performance, and it's "on point".
Mar 20, 2014 give me pom commented on Attention-Seeker Calls for Google's Eric Schmidt to Be "CEO of America".
Truly do not report on this person again.
Dec 19, 2013 give me pom commented on Today in Hero Worship: The Bespectacled Guy on the Bus.
But I guess maybe it is a bus.