Sep 1, 2016 xjuan commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Should've Checked My Email Earlier.
I wonder how much time VLAD spends reading Dan's columns to know so well what they are about, why so many of us read them and how transformative have they been over the years.
Yeah, I'm sure guilty VLAD was just bored out of watching porn and decided to punish himself proxy.
We'll be seeing you around, VLAD
Jan 8, 2016 xjuan commented on Savage Love.
Dan, I love "presome" for its meaning as well as it's elegant sonority.

"Postsome", however, sounds broken by that middle "t.

I propose "aftersome" as an alternative that has also that "afterglow" implication.
Nov 18, 2015 xjuan commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Clone A Husband.
Here's an idea: milk your husband (squeeze his prostate) so he releases some of his cum into your mouth, but not enough for him to come. Then he can fuck you while you savor his cum. Both happy happy people.
Hey! You can milk him with a replica of his willie!
Aug 1, 2015 xjuan commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Fully Weaponized Kink.
I'm sorry this ever happened to you. I hope you can recover after so many years of abuse. Go find your true self. I wish you the best.
Jul 21, 2015 xjuan commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Memory Hole.
Dunno... I've got the feeling that this will end up as a great foursome with the consequent drama after several sessions and each party returning to its bases afterwards. Both girls and boys are wiling parties, one couple is monogamish and the other started as a such, which means they all are willing and desiring more of that kind of sex.

I have no divinatory powers and pretend not to have them, but I wish to hear from them in, say... two years?

Come on, SHIT! It's 2015, for chrissake! What have we learned from Savage Love?
Jun 25, 2015 xjuan commented on Savage Love.
You know what, GETOUT? GET OUT!
Same goes to all the rest. No more investment in useless relationships. Learn your lesson and move-TF-on.
May 15, 2015 xjuan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Preferences.
What if the pussy and clit he's looking for belongs to a hateful, souless woman who loves to hurt superficial guys? Will he go for her with the same determination? I mean: LW seems to care more/only about the physical appearance and not personality or other qualities.

There is a different path, but he doesn't seem to care or see it. Maybe because he's so fixated in such specific and limited requirements that he isn't willing to compromise, as we all do.
Apr 26, 2015 xjuan commented on Savage Love.
I'm late to the conversation but I just wanted to add two words (well, and the some more).

Great advise to the bi girl with a Muslim virgin. I hope he can free himself from the repressive upbringing (not medieval, as we now know) and enjoy sex with an experienced woman. However, such advise is good all across the virginal spectrum, Muslim or not, bi or gay.

Kudos to Marrena @7: great clarification regarding the meaning of a collar. LW should return it and renegotiate her agreement or DTMFA. They're both reading different pages of the BDSM manual.
@Boner: stop reading shaming web pages... unless that gives you a boner!
Apr 21, 2015 xjuan commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Blown Apart.
I agree with @4: one great BJ or a series of lousy ones are no match to a true relationship. Come on, you moved across the nation to be with her, she's helping you come back to normalcy, you are recovering your lost self. Giving up BJs is a fair price to pay, in my view. What are the chances you'll find another great companion? Don't give her up, pay the price.
Apr 8, 2015 xjuan commented on Savage Love.
To the guy who likes the taste and consistency of semen, here's an idea: jack off and freeze your own semen. Whenever you feel like doing it, unfreeze it or insert the frozen spunk (if your wife is up to it) and taste away!